Monday, July 11, 2011

100 posts

I started this blog last year after taking my sister's advice who probably just wanted me to shut up for a while and have me tell someone else the story of my life, all my interests and all my loves.
And then I found you.

And now 100 posts later...

Maybe it's time for an interview.
Get to know me and my blog a little better?

And since I'm no celebrity and noone wants to interview me, I thought I'd just have a conversation with myself. Happens pretty often.

Here it is:

How would you describe yourself?
I've never known how to answer this. I'm not sure if I'm multi-faceted, a person with multiple personalities, a Gemini or just a regular person (that's if everyone feels this about themselves).
I thought handwriting analysis would help. But, then I have more than one handwriting.

Are you like a typical artist?
What's that supposed to mean? Some days you're happy, some days you're indifferent. Some days you feel like someone's burst your little artistic bubble that you like to call home. And on other days you wake up, open your tube of creativity, brush your teeth with it and feel awesome all day.

What's your blog about?
I'm not really sure. it's made up of movies, travel, food, my life and opinions mainly.
My sister describes it as my life with references to pop culture.
I basically watch a lot of TV and that's where most of my material comes from.

How many languages do you speak?
Well, there's English, Hindi (kharaab), Marathi, Mandi (Marathi-Hindi combo spoken as a code language on holidays), French (un peu), and I'm fluent in Bengali sweets.

Do you see a future in Hollywood?
Yes. If Freida Pinto could star in a movie opposite James Franco, anything is possible.

What food do you think you resemble?
A cherry.
Believe it or not, I've never eaten one. I hate things with seeds in them that you need to spit out.

Mc Dreamy/ Mc Steamy?
Is that seriously a question? 
Mc Steamy obviously.

Are you very childish?
Yes. I laugh when people say they're traveling to Phuket.

What are your thoughts on Salad?
I don't like the colour green.

Do you think radiation from the cellphone affects your brain?
Yes. Which I why I switch off my phone when I sleep.
I am noone's 4am friend or even wish to be.

What are your expectations from science in the future that will make life easier?
To actually have babies appear the Momotaro way.
If only all babies could be born out of peaches.

Do you have trust issues?
Yes. After I saw my friend's mother in an ad playing a doctor and realised that all doctor's on TV are actually models, it made me feel cheated. How can they be recommending stuff when they don't mean it? So, yes, big trust issues.
And I don't trust people who love cats. They remind me of Dolores Umbridge.

What do you not like in this world?
As I said earlier, the colour green. Whether it's the salad in my plate or even the design on the plate. 
I am not even a fan of Green Day.
I hate mean doctors.
Gross ads for dishwasher liquid.
I also don't like damp bathrooms and bottles not aligned properly on shelves.
And people filing their nails.

Do you prefer giraffes or zebras?
I don't know. Po-ta-to  -  Po-taa-to.

Do you ever feel like you're a scientist?
Yes. My fridge and bathroom look like a lab for Lush products.

Would you cheat on your boyfriend/ girlfriend with a rockstar?
Most definitely.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Doesn't that make you a thief?
No. It's only been stuff that people won't miss.
Like the steel bar with the tape that holds the crowd back outside a nightclub.
And stuff like soaps and stationery at hotels.
And there was an air hockey puck too.
Group effort always.
And I only kept the stationery.

What would you call your child if you married Chris Martin?
Noodle, Chikoo or Lemon. 

Do you enjoy traveling? What would you always pack?
Yes. I love it.
I always pack my sister, Aku. She's loveable, laughs at all my jokes and she's as cute as a button.

Favourite colour?
Currently yellow.

I have issues with odd numbers unless they're multiples of 5.

And lastly, if I could grant you 3 wishes what would you ask for?
1. A separate country for insects (without affecting the pollination process which I found out was a very important thing in the Bee Movie).
2. To give a Thank you speech at the Kodak (for anything).
3. A 3 way tie between World Peace (unrealistic), finding true love (a little less unrealistic) and time travel (totally doable).

Thank you.

Now do you realise how much I love talking? I just interviewed myself.
I'm just super excited that I've reached 100 posts. 
I want to thank my family for being so encouraging even when I'm doing something that's pretty pointless just because it makes me so happy.
Thanks Aku for always pointing out my spelling mistakes and taking photographs for me like I pay you for it. 
And to the rest of my family, half of whom really don't know what exactly a blog is, thanks for helping me do my photoshoots around the house and not thinking I'm completely nuts when I stand on the dining table and not let you eat your dinner just so I can get the right angle for the perfect picture.


Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hello Neha!

Venus said...

I love your blogs. I look forward to reading them everyday in my lunch hour. (Kinda addictive) so keep them coming......

Neha Kamath said...

hello alannah :)

Neha Kamath said...

thanks venus.
one more reason to keep writing :)

Shri said...

God I must be totally jobless or your blog is so damn addictive!

Every time I click "Older posts" I swear to myself, this is final one and I end up reading more :)

Damn Interesting.

And, yes possibly the best interview I read in years.

Churn out more posts and gal u better b quick!!!


Neha Kamath said...

Thanks shri. always nice to read comments like yours :)

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