Friday, December 24, 2010

December ♥

Christmas is coming
And I am getting fat
Need to get my ass off the sofa
And onto the yoga mat

It's the end of the year already and I don't quite know where 2010 went really. 
This past month has been a busy one. My sister, Aku is getting married and has decided to make me CEO of her wedding. Also a convenient way of making me do her work while she air-kisses my ass.
The way things are going, I just may be Bridezilla at her wedding.

I've been planning to go for the Anish Kapoor show at Mehboob Studios for a while now but have been shuttling between all kinds of stores, printers, venues and everywhere else that I'm expected to be instead. And have not even had time to document my life here. But as much as I complain about it, I do enjoy it quite a bit. Most of the time that's cause people think I'm the bride and for some reason find the need to be unusually kind and happy around me which is pretty awesome. Suddenly every outfit looks amazing and every colour suits me. I must say, they definitely put the best sales people in wedding stores. The compliments nearly feel as good as a creamy bar of milk chocolate.

Christmas decorations at Damian in Bandra
My life has sort of turned into a big fat things to do list and how I love it. 
But for me December is always special. And this is why.
  • You wake up everyday to great weather. A lot of people use the word nippy which for some reason I don't like so let's just stick to great weather.
  • Marzipan sweets for breakfast lunch and dinner.And christmas cake with custard for dessert. The recipe for the perfect love handles. If only I was Colombian and couldn't Waka Waka myself into shape.
  • I get to experiment with my winter look. Even if I wear the weirdest of outfits, I can't look all that funny since my hair looks awesome in this weather. I am generally seen wearing my eat-as-much-as-you-want pants which a friend told me were pregnancy pants. Oh well! Same difference.
    Look Ma, no tree
  • I go to the movie theatre and get comfy in a jacket and knee high football socks. I dress like I'm wearing a duvet without actually wearing one. Anna Wintour could learn a thing or two from me this season.
  • Everything is lit up so beautifully. There's a house close to mine which hangs lights like they're hung around a tree but when you look closely they're just lights. No tree. It's just something else. And I wait to see it every year. So, if you're on Turner Road, look out for it -->
  • You don't need a reason to celebrate. Every day in December feels like your birthday for some reason.
  • My mother still pretends to be Santa and keeps a little surprise under my pillow when I'm asleep on Christmas morning.
  • And if you still manage to get bored you can always watch feel-good Christmas movies like The Holiday which is undoubtedly my favourite. Since I had watched it so many times, for a change I watched Love Actually. But, there's one naked scene that I had forgotten about, and as my luck would have it, the lady who works in my house saw me watching just that. So, now Innocent (which funnily enough happens to be her name) thinks I watch porn. So, now I'm back to watching The Holiday.
I'll leave you to one of my favourite Christmas songs which they seem to play on TV every year around Christmas time. Enjoy! 

Merry Christmas.

And if I don't see you again this year, then Happy New Year.
Hope you get hit on more than a piñata.
Enjoy your bubbly. Tchin-tchin!

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