Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sushi Saturdays

My sister, Aku is not the most enthusiastic cook.
But she is an expert at making eggs.
And one Saturday morning she decided to learn how to perfectly poach an egg.
From Gordon Ramsay himself.

And where else does one learn how to do that but Youtube.

And once the fabulous breakfast was done with, it was time to get back to Youtube.

And this time it was Sushi.

Everything seemed so simple that we stepped out to pick up all the ingredients and a good sushi mat so we could have a Super Sushi Saturday.

Here's the whole process:

Salmon Sushi Roll Video 1
Salmon Sushi Roll Video 2

Photos by me.
The shape of the sushi wasn't perfect but it didn't matter.
After all it's what's on the inside that counts.
And that was nothing less than superb.

Here's where we went shopping [if you're looking for the ingredients and live in Mumbai]:
Sushi mat and avocado from Nature's Basket, Hill Road, Bandra.
Salmon and Mascarpone from Sante, Pali Market, Bandra.
Sushi rice, Wasabi paste, soy sauce and Nori from Modern Stores, Pali Market, Bandra.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A love letter on behalf of all the freelancers of the world

Dear Client,

As seen at CheapJack, Bandra [where no photography is allowed].


Saturday, November 2, 2013

As you like it

When women are pregnant, they get put off by the foods they love eating and begin craving foods they've never eaten before.
It's like we're being greedy even before we're born and blaming someone else for it.

Do you ever just look at food and know whether you're going to like it or not?
Well, I'm sort of like that.
It's either love at first sight or not.
Hello gorgeous or Goodbye & Godspeed.

When I saw this book online, I just fell in love with it - the paper textures, the shapes - makes it feel like a good messy sandwich.

Ok, so I'd probably tear out the onion pages since I think I'm allergic intolerant.

Sandwich Book
But isn't it the perfect gift for a foodie?
And here's a fun way to gift wrap it.
Hamburger Gift Wrap Paper
That's if your foodie friend isn't a vegetarian.

To be honest I always feel a bit sad for vegetarians.
Not because like most non vegetarians believe, they are missing out on the good things in life.
But because they have to face some annoying questions.

I know that because I felt that way for the few months that I tried being a vegetarian.
And I was thought of as nothing more than the pain in the ass at the table.

Vegetarians of the world,
Even though I'm not one of you,
I can understand how you want to slap the rest of the world in the face.
With a piece of bacon.
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