Friday, May 31, 2013

The Indian 8 ball of Magic

The other day I was walking down the road.
And when I say walking down the road - I mean to buy mangoes.

And on the way I met a Bugubugu man.

Photo by me.
Frankly I don't know what he's called.

But I call him the bugubugu man.


Because he roams around the city with a cow. Or is it a bull?
And this bull has all the answers to everything in the world.

So you ask him:

Will I pass my exams?
Answer: bugubugubugu.

Will I travel to Italy and meet an Italian Stallion?
Answer: bugubugubugu.

Am I being hopelessly stupid and ignorant?
Answer: bugubugubugu.

So this bull is essentially a Magic 8 ball but one of Indian origin with mystical powers that destroys all kinds of logical reasoning and makes you a very happy person.

Love it!

Hope you have a bugubugu day.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to School

I am always wanting to learn something new.
This year I have learnt how to cycle (finally!), taken a hula hooping class, yoga (again) and even learnt sewing.

But you can never be done learning so I have decided to do a new course. An art course.

I always get so caught up in my work that I feel like I don't have time to do basic things like drawing.
Which is sad because I am a graphic designer.
Most people around me think I am a penniless artist who paints all day.
And I wish it were true.
The painting all day part. Not the penniless part.

I feel like I never have the time to paint.
So I have decided to make time.
Because you always can if you really want to.
And make sure you don't stare at the wall for as long as you do when you wake up.

I started an online art course today called Introduction to Art on Coursera.
Coursera doesn't have as many art courses as Skillshare but I decided to try it out anyway.

It's a 7 week long course which may seem a little long to commitment-phobes so if you are one but you still want to make something but in one go, have a look at the Etsy blog. There's something fun for everyone!

DIY via Etsy

The Introduction to Art Course that I'll be taking covers a bit of Art History and actual practical work where you get to create your own little works of art.
It's meant for anyone and everyone - even those with no art background and you learn through video tutorials and reading and get to submit assignments and even do peer assessments.

I'm looking forward to all the reading. I did some on my own today too in my extended lunch break.
So here's some random colour trivia - Did you know that pink is the leftovers of white light when you take away green? So it essentially is - minus green.
Can't wait to learn more random information that in no way will affect my life but is still exciting to know.

But, what I love/ hate most about it is that you have to do this course purely on self motivation.
There are no fees. It's free. And no one is forcing you to submit assignments. You just do if you want to. 
And there's no one who's going to question you about it the next day either.

Also, I have always hated critiques. Because everyone has an opinion and sometimes they are negative and the negative ones hurt. But doing it all online somehow makes it seem less intimidating and competitive and more enjoyable.

So here's to a great 1st week of this course where I hope to paint the town red.
And blue. And green. And yellow. And maybe even purple.

Photo by me.

Friday, May 24, 2013



No that's not how I RSVP to a party.

Atleast not yet.

I just added a +1 to my age today.

I'm not making any resolutions because let's face it, what's the point in forcing yourself to stick to doing something.

If you want to do it badly enough you'll do it anyway.

So all I'm going to do is fill this year with good thoughts.

Because Roald Dahl says that that's how you will always look lovely.

Print by Kensie Smith.
And it's cheaper than buying creme de la mer.

And I'm also grateful for everything in my life.

The good and the bad. And everything in between.

Print by Katie Daisy
Thanks for making me happy.


And blessing me with a Cake every birthday.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Space Cadet

Photograph of a frying pan resembling a planet by Christopher Jonassen.

Did you know that there's this Dutch non-profit organization which has an ambitious aerospace project through which they plan on sending us to Mars in 2023.


Yes I did say us.

Because everyone can apply.

Some view it as a suicide mission - since it's a one way trip and all that jazz.

But what do you do once you get there?

How do you kill time?

Are you expected to be the Adam & Eve equivalent for the Red Planet clothed in an astronaut suit instead of leaves?

Or just contact aliens like Jodie Foster in the movie Contact?

Is it going to be like a picnic?

Who knows!

Apparently 600 people from China have already applied.

Which got me thinking: Is China really that bad?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A good time to be in NYC

I always email a cousin of mine who is in New York about all the cool things that I read about that are happening there.

So I sent him this article about the Rain Room.

My initial reaction: Wow.
His reaction: You know in Bombay we just call it the monsoon.
My reaction: Ok, maybe it's a little silly.

But how cool would it be to be able to dance around in the rain and not get wet?
That would be like a dream for me.

And while I'm out and about in the Big Apple I could even get a temporary tattoo.
No not like those really cheap 2 colour (pink and blue) ones in the bubblegum wrapper that look like a blob on ink on your wrist. I'm talking about getting a Tattly from a vending machine.

How lame but cool is that?
I say lame so I sound cool.
And I say cool because I actually am lame.

Oh! New York. Maybe it is not our time yet.
But I hope to see you again someday.

via SwissMiss

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Card by Printsmitten vis SwissMiss

And I'm sorry for getting angry when you asked me if I was hungry after what I said.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks for feeding me and for understanding my behaviour between meals.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Best friend

I am in love with this animation by Madeline Sharafin.

It's about a dog.

It's about food.

It's about the dog cooking the food.

Cutting the veggies.

Making an omelette.

Flipping it in the air.

Decorating it Masterchef style.

And leaving it on the table and making you think you made it.

To the tune of a sweet French Brazilian song.

Love it!

If only dogs could cook.
Do the dishes.
Teach us yoga.
Rent out DVDs.
And tuck us into bed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


The movie Yes Man changed my life.

Well, it made me want to say Yes to a lot of things.
Not everything.
But a lot of things.
If you've watched the movie, you will understand why blindly saying yes to everything may not be a good idea.

Poster via Etsy
So yesterday I found out about a Hula Hoop lesson near my house.
And I said Yes!
It was an hour and a half of spinning the hoop around my waist, arms and above my head.

The class was in a beautiful place with large glass windows and was surrounded by trees.
Our teacher, Swati was amazing. She could have Hula hooped for the rest of her life if she had to. Continuously.
She did it so effortlessly and even managed to do a little jig while hooping.
I went with a friend and we had such a great time.
The music was great. Ambience was perfect.
The hoop felt like a rolling pin that kept moulding me.

And after 1.5 hours in the oven I looked like a Chocolate Eclair.
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