Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do the loco-motion with me

Monday mornings - I wish they could just be skipped. Even if they had to exist but could be renamed would make it easier. Sunday the sequel sounds pretty good to me.

Started the day with a mango. What a perfect start. Drove to work. Car sing-along-song of the day happened to be Kylie Minogue's Locomotion. There's something about songs like these that just never gets old. You automatically feel your shoulders dancing to the music since you can't exactly shake your hips while driving. Love to sing along in the car (when I'm alone) though I'm secretly afraid that I'm being taped for that Vh1 show. I forget what its called.

So, all along Mahim causeway I was singing away but unfortunately noone did the loco-motion with me. Before I knew it I was doing the shoulder movements of my 80's dance- what I like to call the 'aunty' dance. It somewhat resembles the Steve Carell-Tina Fey awkward pole dance in Date Night. I don't think I've laughed so hard for a movie ever. Everytime someone pisses me off these days in my head I'm thinking 'Zip your Face!' and giggle like a silly girl.

Its a pretty bad habit of mine to just randomly giggle. I find very silly things funny at times and can't help but laugh and people who don't get why I'm laughing probably just think I'm mentally unstable. Recently, I was at the Doctor and he was giving me instructions about what medicines I need to take and ends with don't eat any raw vegetables in a very serious tone and I couldn't help but giggle. He just looked very puzzled and thought I was a strange girl so I thought I'd just explain why I was laughing. I told him you don't have to worry about that, cause I never eat raw veggies and don't ever plan on either. Haha. So, anyway I left his clinic laughing like a moron. Hopefully by the next time I see him he'll have forgotten.

I'm just a very awkward conversation-maker. So I'm sure people always tend to think I'm shy or a snob or just odd. The funniest conversation I make is with babies and animals. I just can't seem to get myself to do baby/ cute talk.
So, the other day when a dog was about to pee on the back tyre of my car I just yelled 'Eh, what are you doing? and he turned around and looked at me with such sad eyes like he was saying sorry and began to walk away. I just felt so horrible at that point. And just mumbled "ok. come back and piss all you want". I'm not sure if I even wanted that which is why I was probably mumbling hoping he wouldn't hear and come back. How very complex! But, I just can't get that incident out of my head. It was like we had a little conversation there. And it seemed to be more successful than most others I've had lately.

Anyway getting sleepy now. Monday wasn't all that bad. Was pretty eventful for me actually. Just don't feel like sharing it. Haha.

Learnt the perfect way to get through a Monday.

All you need is 'a little bit of rhytmn and a lot of soul'.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank God its Sunday

Hello again. I didn't write last night. Was sort of weird not to. Why did I not blog? Not cause I was partying saturday night but maybe cause I grew from a girl into a lazy. Anyway sat making a birthday card for Aku to put on her cake. Got overexcited and made two. One regular and one theme based. Don't ask. I get very overexcited about birthdays even when they're not mine.

Sprung out of bed at 6.30am today for tennis. Yes on a sunday morning. This miracle doesn't happen on any other day of the week. On weekdays getting out of bed is like driving at 20 km in 3rd gear for my body. That's the best way to describe it. But Sunday is something else. Wore my special tennis clothes, cap et al. Have been wearing the same keds for the past 8 yrs. Makes my mom so mad. But they're so good. Feel like each of my feet is being hugged by a teddy bear. Anyway I had a couple of Serena moments and ended it with a good breakfast- cheesetoast and mango milkshake at Leopold. Missed u chotu. Came home and crashed for about 3 hours. Felt like I had been drugged. Was the perfect Sunday sleep.

Summer has gotten unbearable already. Forget frying an egg on the road, I think we can bake a whole lasagna. 30 mins at 300 degrees. Feel like roaming around in a swimsuit all day. My little nieces and nephew actually did that yesterday. Would be a bit bizarre if I did the same thing. Really wish I could. Except that I look like a cross between a zebra and a human. Maybe its a punishment for not moisturising.

Try it.
According to me no Indian girl can ever have the perfect swimsuit body. Its a curse. Thinking of trying out this eating for your Blood type thing hoping to break the curse. I, being Blood type O am the original Blood type, that of the predator. Till this point I felt all great and powerful. Like a lioness ruling a jungle. Its frightening how it described me to the t. I am focused and very detail oriented and have a very bad temper. How true. I have my psycho moments pretty often. Then it said that we're primarily meat eaters and shouldn't have dairy, pasta, ketchup, flour, mayo, all the tasty fruit juices, all the dryfruits that are edible after which I realised all I'd be having is water. So I think I might just not try it out after all.

I have also quit yoga since a month. Surprise surpise! Haha. As I said before I'm too much of a lazy to wake up at 7. I need my beauty sleep. Here's some random good news. I finally conquered my fear of swallowing capsules last week so I'm sort of going through the "I can do anything" phase. Probably a good time to finally properly learn cycling. Don't think anyones letting me get the training wheels unfortunately.

Anyway now its dinner time. But dying to eat bread-butter-tea. What a deadly combo. Its my happy food.

I think I'll leave the rest of my thoughts for tomorrows blog or this might accidently turn into a book. Maybe Shobha De and Penguin would be interested. Haha.

Bonne nuit.

Friday, April 16, 2010

And the City

This is my third post. Third consecutive day. I'm beginning to feel like Carrie (of SATC), thinking aloud but still in my head, sitting at my computer everyday trying to be as honest as possible, having dinners/ you're so much better off without him sessions with my 3 galpals (don't kill me for calling you that), enjoying a cosmo every now and then. Except that my Manolos are regular Indian shoes, my Mr. Big and Aiden phases both seem to be over which is pretty clear in my incomplete blog post title and I haven't found my tutu yet.

So what did I do today?
After work I made it to the art shop. Picked up some papers and pens. Didn't get myself to start drawing yet. Instead bought my sister Aku a birthday present. Aaah! the relief. I feel like its my duty to be like a birthday Santa Claus.

After that we went to an Interiors exhibition. Don't really know why. Just saw an ad in the paper and forced Aku to come along. Was pretty crappy. Left with a baking tray for muffins. Very random since
1. we were at an Interior Design exhibition when I'm a graphic designer and Aku's a banker and don't really have any place to decorate in particular.
2. I bought a baking tray when I don't even cook.
3. Spent Rs. 90 (entry + parking) just to go to a random exhibition and leave with a baking tray.

So now that I've got the tray I'm going to use it for whenever I make chocolate souffle again. Varun you are inspiring when you're not a bum. Haha. I am posting a picture of your masterpiece. Hoping that my new buy will help balance the oranges while in the oven.

Been figuring out blog related stuff today. Managed to change the entire blogger template. Pat pat! That's me patting myself on the back incase you were wondering. So pretty tired now so will crash. I could tell you how I did it and how I changed the html stuff and added the xml and sound fancy but maybe tomorrow. Haha

What a random day! But I love my city.

Still treading the path of self discovery. Hoping to get some answers in my dreams.

Adios Amigo.

ps: I'm secretly a Charlotte.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm back

photo by me.
Hello again my 2 followers who have been made to follow me.
I'm not going to ask you how your day was since this isn't exactly a conversation. Actually it sort of is the perfect conversation - where only I get to talk.
So anyway my day was pretty average. I went to work and did pretty much nothing. Ended the day by playing a game of solitaire which I surprisingly lost considering I play a one card draw. Aaaaaaaa! I hate losing. But then I came home and drowned my sorrows in Sol Kadi rice and fried pomfret.

Moving on...

Spent most of my day surfing the internet. Love finding cool art online. Found some cool rubbish too - 10 Reasons why it would Rule to Date a Unicorn. Felt like that answered all of life's questions. So, when in doubt date a unicorn.

I find myself constantly seeking some sort of direction. I couldn't be more lost and distracted. Even at this very moment I'm so damn distracted or maybe that's just because of the annoying IPL tune. Yes I am not an IPL follower and 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn'. Ok so that was my Rhett moment of the day. Woohoo!

What is my purpose in life? I have no idea. Maybe one day I'll sit under the Bodhi tree and something magical will happen. If not I'll carry snacks along and turn it into a picnic.

What I've come to realise at this very very young age is that everyone's as confused in life and it doesn't matter. Its not the destination but the journey... blah blah blah... ok that's nonsense.

The moral of my little lesson is when everything in your life seems wrong kill all the doubts and stress in a Sol kadi tsunami in your tummy.
And if not then date a unicorn.


P.s: A 'You had me at Hello' response would be nice.

(Photo is of someone elses artwork in a bandra galli shot by me. Great stuff by whoever you are. I drive through this narrow galli to work just to see it).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too many thoughts too little time

via Yodisphere
Why have I entered the world of blogging? I'm sort of wondering about that myself.
The title of my first ever post sort of explains why.

So I've been thinking of starting to write for atleast 2 yrs now but procrastination seems to be my middle name. I feel like this is a great way to express yourself. I never wrote a diary cause I never wanted anyone (my mom) to find it. I actually never liked writing cause it reminded me of essays I was forced to write in school. Plus I'm a pretty 'private' person. I'm a lady who prefers to remain a mystery. Or so I thought.

But I just felt what the hell, lets just try out this blogging thing cause why not.
So the purpose of this blog is nothing really. And I mean it when I say nothing really. At the moment I have all of 0 followers. Yay! By tomorrow my sweet sister Aku will be following my blog. If my mom and grandmom ever understood what a blog was they'd be follower no. 2 and 3.

I'm no writer or wannabe writer even. I don't particularly enjoy reading cause I find it too time consuming. I'd rather be watching a movie based on the book. All the people who love reading and who are reading this are probably thinking what a loser, but you know what, it doesn't matter. Everyone has a different opinion on everything. And I think I have a pretty good imagination anyway. So I don't mind watching what someone else had visualised for a movie rather than reading and visualising it for myself. And yes I'm lazy.

Today is the beginning of the one week my boss has let me take time off to explore new things. Since I'm a graphic designer I think I was probably meant for creative exploration which this sort of is. I also chose bathroom tiles today (random irrelevant information I felt like sharing).

And yes I watched Julie & Julia but this is not inspired by that or I'd be deboning a duck tonight which doesn't seem very likely.

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