Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm back

photo by me.
Hello again my 2 followers who have been made to follow me.
I'm not going to ask you how your day was since this isn't exactly a conversation. Actually it sort of is the perfect conversation - where only I get to talk.
So anyway my day was pretty average. I went to work and did pretty much nothing. Ended the day by playing a game of solitaire which I surprisingly lost considering I play a one card draw. Aaaaaaaa! I hate losing. But then I came home and drowned my sorrows in Sol Kadi rice and fried pomfret.

Moving on...

Spent most of my day surfing the internet. Love finding cool art online. Found some cool rubbish too - 10 Reasons why it would Rule to Date a Unicorn. Felt like that answered all of life's questions. So, when in doubt date a unicorn.

I find myself constantly seeking some sort of direction. I couldn't be more lost and distracted. Even at this very moment I'm so damn distracted or maybe that's just because of the annoying IPL tune. Yes I am not an IPL follower and 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn'. Ok so that was my Rhett moment of the day. Woohoo!

What is my purpose in life? I have no idea. Maybe one day I'll sit under the Bodhi tree and something magical will happen. If not I'll carry snacks along and turn it into a picnic.

What I've come to realise at this very very young age is that everyone's as confused in life and it doesn't matter. Its not the destination but the journey... blah blah blah... ok that's nonsense.

The moral of my little lesson is when everything in your life seems wrong kill all the doubts and stress in a Sol kadi tsunami in your tummy.
And if not then date a unicorn.


P.s: A 'You had me at Hello' response would be nice.

(Photo is of someone elses artwork in a bandra galli shot by me. Great stuff by whoever you are. I drive through this narrow galli to work just to see it).


Anonymous said...

you had me at goodnight. zzzzz....

Varun said...

i want 3 rainbows by this afternoon or ill turn you into a unicorn burger thx! haha let me know in case you dont seen the rainbows ok?

Neha said...

you' ll are bums.

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