Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too many thoughts too little time

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Why have I entered the world of blogging? I'm sort of wondering about that myself.
The title of my first ever post sort of explains why.

So I've been thinking of starting to write for atleast 2 yrs now but procrastination seems to be my middle name. I feel like this is a great way to express yourself. I never wrote a diary cause I never wanted anyone (my mom) to find it. I actually never liked writing cause it reminded me of essays I was forced to write in school. Plus I'm a pretty 'private' person. I'm a lady who prefers to remain a mystery. Or so I thought.

But I just felt what the hell, lets just try out this blogging thing cause why not.
So the purpose of this blog is nothing really. And I mean it when I say nothing really. At the moment I have all of 0 followers. Yay! By tomorrow my sweet sister Aku will be following my blog. If my mom and grandmom ever understood what a blog was they'd be follower no. 2 and 3.

I'm no writer or wannabe writer even. I don't particularly enjoy reading cause I find it too time consuming. I'd rather be watching a movie based on the book. All the people who love reading and who are reading this are probably thinking what a loser, but you know what, it doesn't matter. Everyone has a different opinion on everything. And I think I have a pretty good imagination anyway. So I don't mind watching what someone else had visualised for a movie rather than reading and visualising it for myself. And yes I'm lazy.

Today is the beginning of the one week my boss has let me take time off to explore new things. Since I'm a graphic designer I think I was probably meant for creative exploration which this sort of is. I also chose bathroom tiles today (random irrelevant information I felt like sharing).

And yes I watched Julie & Julia but this is not inspired by that or I'd be deboning a duck tonight which doesn't seem very likely.


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