Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tourists for a day

I've lived in Bombay all my life and love to call myself a Bombay girl.
But after I went for the Bombay Heritage Walk, I felt like a complete idiot.
I realized I knew absolutely nothing about this beautiful city that I live in and call home.

I had always wanted to go for one of these Heritage walks but never planned it out properly.
And then we had visitors from France.
Well, 2 of the 3 of them were from Bombay just like me and were just as clueless as me.

So there are 3 walks you can choose from depending on the route you'd like to take and the duration you're comfortable with.

- Walk A : The Kala Ghoda Route [2 hrs]
- Walk B : The Horniman Circle Route [2 hrs]
- Combo Fort Tour - Walk A & B [3.5-4 hrs]

We decided to go with the Kala Ghoda Route.

We started at the Gateway of India where we were told about the history of Bombay and how it became what it is today only because it was a port.
We were told many stories about the Gateway, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mr. Tata and why he built the hotel, the Readymoney family, about other monuments, colleges, fountains, churches, old statues in secret locations and Art Deco buildings along the way.

We walked from the Gateway of India, passing the Yacht Club, Regal Cinema, a church close to the YMCA, down to NGMA, the University, Jehangir Art Gallery, Watson Hotel, the High Court and ended the walk at Kala Ghoda with a good breakfast at the Pantry.

The walks are conducted by young students of Architecture who are so passionate about the subject and can answer any question you throw at them.
I must say I was very impressed and highly recommend it to anyone interested in history, art or architecture who enjoys long walks.

The walk costs Rs. 2500 for 5 persons or less.
Every additional person is Rs. 500
The walks are conducted at 8am and 5pm.
Bookings need to be done in advance.
I'd recommend going in the cooler months.

All photos by me.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I'm a pretty impatient person.

Which is why I was never into DIY craft projects.
Because it always looks like shit.

But then I saw this video on this website.
And decided to do some origami.

Origami elephant and photo by me.

Let me tell you - making an elephant is not a joke.
It takes time and patience.
But when you're done with it, you want to pat yourself on the back and say well done.
And that's a good feeling.

It's like doing Tai chi but with paper.
Does that make any sense?
Probably not.
Maybe because I've never actually done Tai chi.

But try it.
If you want to have a good lesson in patience.
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