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Friday, July 29, 2011

Flower girl

Incase you were wondering how the flower in yesterday's post appeared out of nowhere, here's a little sneak peek into the shoot.

The mystery begins...

And then there was a hand.

And a head. 
Oh wait, that's my grandmother.

You've got to love her enthusiasm.

P.S: Notice the changing backgrounds.

All photos by Akshaya.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blurry Vision

My last post was about seeing things as pixels.

This one is just plain blurry.

I found an interesting picture and fell in love with it.

One evening, I tried to recreate it.
I was teaching my sister, Akshaya how to handle an slr camera. Mainly how to focus, get a blurry background, go flower shopping and end up capturing amazing pictures like me.

photo by Akshaya.
Honestly, I've reached the neither-good-nor-bad level of photography.
It's tough to remember everything I've learnt everytime I want to take a picture. This is how I cheat.
I plan on roaming with this stuck to my forehead for a while.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pixel Ate It

I love finding interesting art while surfing the web.
Here's my latest obsession.

It's pixel art.
by Victor van Gaasbeek.
Where did the picture go?

The Pixel Ate It.

Get it?

vis piccsy
It's simplified paintings, drawings or photographs - a new way of looking at things.
And I love it.
I love the square shape. It's so perfect in every way.
It also reminds me of Tetris and Lego. Who doesn't love tetris and Lego?

modern day Mona Lisa.
I want to create an artwork like this for myself. Just for fun.
Maybe something familiar like the Mona Lisa in simple pixel squares. Any ideas?

I'm hoping to make something like this:

A pixelated version of Johannes Vermeer's The Girl with a Pearl Earring on ixxi
I've been thinking about it for a couple of days but can't figure out what to make yet.
Maybe the next time I think I'm getting glasses cause my vision seems blurry, instead of forcing my mother to make me some Gajar ka halwa (my bad vision cure since raw carrot is a little hard to eat), I hope I can finally find the pixels.

Till then, here's a pixelated version of one of my favourite paintings - Van Gogh's Starry Night.
by me.
With some help from Photoshop.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mother = Friend?

When I wake up in the morning sometimes I head straight to my computer before even brushing my teeth.
Gross but true.
And when I get there I find little newspaper clippings carefully torn and kept next to my computer keyboard.
Who is this newspaper Santa?
My mother.

I never really worry and am oddly positive sometimes but here's what she had cut out for me this morning.

The Times of India, July 16, 2011.
Click here for complete article by Chetan Bhagat.

Sometimes I like to think of her as a friend in the above 50 category.

And just then she goes back to mother mode.
See below to understand what mother mode means.

The Times of India, July 7, 2011
Click here for complete article. Scroll down.

Does she want me to brush my teeth more often or have a baby?
And more importantly does she want me to dress like that as a mother?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beer Belly

The Beer & Burger festival decorations at Woodside Inn.
Last weekend as you can see was a very eventful one for me.
Of all the things I did, here's one more from the list.
I went to Woodside Inn in Colaba for their Beer and Burger Festival.

It was my first time at Woodside Inn (which opened a couple of years ago) since I live aaaall the way on the other side of town.
Ok, so it isn't all that far. I have just been too lazy to drag myself there.
But, last Sunday I'm glad I did.

I really liked the place - the decor, the chilled out ambience and the walls covered with beer paraphernalia. My visual merchandiser friend Vahbiz Irani had decorated the place just for the festival. She had done some interesting things. As you enter you can see a big beer bottle made with hundreds of little burgers and when you go upstairs there's a big burger which is a collage of different colourful beer bottle caps. Interesting!

Beer & Burgers from around the world.
Now about the F&B:
We were 4 of us - all set to get ourselves some Beer & Burgers since that only seemed right.
Woodside Inn has created a special menu just for the festival.
So, you could choose a country and have the beer from that country and the burger that tasted like it was of the cuisine of that country.
My friends immediately knew what they wanted to have. One went with Japan, another went with Italy and the third went with Germany.
I didn't try any of their burgers. Just stole a lot of fries.

Mr. Italy did not get a beer and chose to accompany his burger with an entire bar of chocolate.
Miss Japan enjoyed her Asahi beer but complained that her burger was a little too Soya saucy.
Mr. Germany (of I love U2 fame) had a Schneider Weisse with his burger.

Mr. Germany really seemed to know his beers and recommended a fruity one for me.
He also gave me helpful tips like you always drink from light to dark. Yes, we are still talking about beer and not the time of day.

I finally decided which burger I wanted to have and was about to order it when I saw 2 delicious pizzas floating across the restaurant. I think they were on plates, in a tray, held by a man. But all I could see were floating pizzas.
So, I went ahead and got myself a grilled chicken and scamorza pizza and a nice dark Belgian Beer called Leffe which came in a manly wine glass. Unfortunately, only the burgers come with flags so I didn't get a Belgian flag.

Time flew by with good company, conversation, food and beer. And it was time for another one
My second beer was also a Leffe since as we learnt earlier you drink from light to dark.
Leffe being a dark beer cannot be followed with a light one.

So much knowledge on a rainy Sunday.

I loved it. I definitely gained a lot from this experience.
A lot of beer trivia from Mr. Germany.
A lot of belly from the beer.
And a lot of flags to keep at home in my pen stand.

The Beer & Burger festival is on at Woodside Inn from 15-31 July, 2011.
But, I'm sure they will serve Beer & Burgers even after the festival. They just might not be grouped country-wise.

I went a little overboard shooting the flags on my National Geographic World Map.

Photos taken by me on my phone camera.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You only live once

Because you won't get your life twice.

That's a very bad Hindi-to-English literal translation of the movie title Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara by me.
My Hindi is so bad it takes me 5 seconds just to say it. Something like having to say Rab Ne Bana di Jodi.

I watched Zindagi last weekend with zero expectations.
Honestly, it exceeded my expectations and was a good enjoyable film.
So, here and there there are a few things missing. Like a good enough background story showing how true their friendship really is helping us understand who the characters really are.

The music was very catchy. And very Spanish like the rest of the movie.
Sometimes it feels like a 3 hour ad for Spain Tourism.
The first 30 seconds of the movie however are packed with sponsor logos which is when you know you will be hearing a tagline of some brand cleverly put in as part of casual conversation (Dar ke aage jeet hai).
And the opening credits sort of come out of nowhere which seemed like obvious bad editing.

But, I would still call it a good film with good music, good looking people and good humour.
On a rainy Sunday afternoon, that was good enough to keep me entertained.
  • Farhan Akhtar was the perfect guy - good looking, writes poetry, uniquely funny, can dance and is adventurous.
  • Hrithik minus the attitude and the extra finger was hot.
  • Abhay Deol for some reason speaks Hindi with a weird English accent or should I just be honest and call it gay? Nothing against gay people but he sounds like a straight person trying to imitate a gay person if you know what I mean. Plus he shouldn't dance next to Hrithik.
  • Katrina was so beautiful. She's come a long way since... when she was chubbier and took longer to do dance steps (I'm not trying to be mean. I just can't remember the names of her earlier films). But, she was just very likeable.
  • Unlike Kalki who had a character who wasn't. But good job.
All that traveling and adventure made me want to pack my bags right away and head to a land far far away. And soon.

When I got home that evening, I met one of my friends, Mallika who had also watched the movie.
She asked me if I would ever do any of those adventurous things seen in the film.
  • Well, I'm definitely not running down a street with bulls chasing me.
  • I wouldn't mind scuba but I sometimes feel like my ear pressure isn't right when I can't balance well in Yoga. Am I a hypochondriac?
  • And skydiving? I always wanted to try it. But, when it came down to it, would I?
I thought to myself -
[at some level it seems pointless. It's either like committing suicide with a parachute or diving out of a plane for kicks and risking your life.
Pretty mixed up. Maybe the adrenalin rush you get is worth it.
But I'm not an adrenaline junkie.]

So, here's how the conversation went:
Me: I am not scared of heights. At all. But, yes to jump out of a plane I would be scared. So my answer is "I don't know".
Mallika (looking disinterested on hearing my answer): What about birds? They can't commit suicide right?
Me: By jumping from a height?
Mallika: Yea. Or even by slitting their wrists.
Unless they take the sleeping pills route.
It's much easier for fish right?
Me: To jump out of water? Or wait for a big fish?

Long pause. Lost in thought.
And for 5 minutes I was imagining a hundred ways in which a crow could commit suicide.
Mallika would like to compile our arbid thoughts and turn it into a book of short stories called - How 'tequilla' Mocking bird. 
Got it? If you didn't, just keep saying it.
I don't think PETA would be too pleased.

Clearly Zindagi na Milegi Dobara led to very deep conversations about life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter and the blah blah blah

Harry, Hermione & Ron by Nan Lawson.
I watched the last Harry Potter movie over the weekend.
I don't know whether to call myself a fan but I did want to do the whole first day-first show thing.
Unfortunately, it was only playing in multiplexes on the second day. But, I managed to catch the show in 3D. Wohoo! And I got myself there on a rainy day. So, that probably does make me a fan.

Now, it may be a bit pointless do watch it in 3D since it's a regular movie so only things like explosions, dragons and subtitles really pop. Was it worth it? Ofcourse it was.

I watched the movie with a friend of mine. She's watched the last few movies of the series with me. And it's always the same routine. We watch the movie, feel great and go and get a drink later because we're so happy and feel the need to celebrate.

my 3D glasses
So, on Saturday I went to watch Harry Potter and the blah blah blah in 3D.
I went armed with a sweater and warm socks (with hearts all over them). For some reason my friends find it embarassing to be seen with me when I look like this. Ok, so maybe sometimes I look like I've popped right out of Alice in Wonderland but I have my reasons. I am only making sure I don't go home sneezing. As much as I love going to the theatre, I hate how it feels like I've bought a ticket to watch a movie in a refrigerator with 300 other people.

Anyway, we got to the theatre a little late. My taxi was moving slowly, I was running in the rain, then stopping to take a breath because I'm not as young as I look, then walking instead of running so I don't slip outside, got my bag checked a bunch of times like I was a criminal and reached about 5 minutes late.

I was pretty mad at myself for reaching late since before rushing and leaving home I had spent an hour moving very slowly - washing and drying my hair and eating the Shawerma that my mother had made with so much love. But then we walked into the theatre and got super cool 3D glasses. The childish excitement made me forgive myself for being late. I got Yellow glasses and my friend got Blue. And we both got a wet tissue packet with it so we could disinfect it before using it. How cool is that? And thoughtful. But, does it really work? I don't know. Wouldn't germs spread more on a damp item? Ok, I need help.

Steering away from the tangent, and cruising back to the point, I absolutely loved the movie. And I didn't even need popcorn to complete the perfect cinematic experience.

A friend who had read the books told me she was slightly disappointed with the last movie.
Obviously a movie can't cover every detail written over 100s of pages.
I'm glad that I hadn't read any of the books. The movie had quite a few surprises in it for me.
And I love surprises.

The experience in a nutshell:
  • Harry, Hermione and Ron's accents are so fun.
  • I've always loved the names of all the characters. My favourites being Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna Lovegood.
  • Love the spells. Luckily I can't actually use them or I'd be the Queen of Control Freaks if I could use Imperio every now and then.
  • Snape and his powerful voice that commands your attention.
  • Voldemort's laugh after he thinks he's killed Harry is pure evil. Love it.
  • The finale being all that I expected it to be.
  • Good winning over evil: the perfect ending. I believe in happy endings as clichéd and unreal as they may seem. It gives us hope. So why not?
My favourite line in the movie was the one Dumbledore says to Harry when he's in limbo:
"Ofcourse it's all in your head Harry, but why should that mean it's not real?"

Which basically means that what's real is what we label as real.
Do we really dream at night and live our regular lives during the day or is it the other way?
Do we believe what we do because we have been told to?
Something to think about.

Dear JK Rowling,
You are a genius.
Thank you for making my imagination pop and explode beyond a space that even I didn't know existed.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who selected Simi?

There's a new show on TV. 
New = a month old.
Now normally I would've written about it the day after the first show.
But, why did I wait so long?
I just needed to let it all settle in.
And have a couple of limeshots to digest Simi Garewal with her 'Can you guess my age' wrinkle free face dressed in all white while juggling between playing the roles of intrusive therapist, concerned but annoying friend and a flirty 16 year old named Kiki to name a few. 
Multi-faceted she sure is.

The show is called Simi Selects India's Most Desirable

But, who selected Simi?
Who let the Simi out?
Who? WHO? Who? WHo?

Trying hard to compete with other (successful) talk shows, Simi tried to jump the shark and returned after many years on this new show with an all new avatar. Or so she thought.

It all starts with let's talk about everything that's you.
Simi calls it Personality Café.
5 minutes later the show turns into let's talk about your love life and when you're getting married.

Then comes the parents segment.
So, this is not even a real segment. The parents just seem to pop by every now and then out of nowhere like the Great Gazoo and give their opinions on every question that is asked to their celebrity child. Sometimes you wonder if they're hiding backstage. How could they pre-record and be ready for every possible question and answer.

After this comes the talk (police interrogation) about their partner/ ex-partner, have their parents comment on their partner/ ex-partner or just who they think is good looking (like we care).

Then comes the part where the celebrity can show off a skill. This could range from making food, drinks to even singing or dancing. Wow, now those are some serious talents (not).

And then we move onto the Tarot segment.
A little rotating wall reveals a Tarot card reader with a table, cards and a wall with a spacey design et al. Festive!
The super smart tarot card reader pretty much tells us what we've already read about the celebrity in Bombay Times/ exactly what you wish to hear so everyone can go home smiling.
And if they don't have questions, not to worry, Simiji (yes, people seriously call her that) has a whole bunch ready.

I think she was called Simi Aunty by some of the young celebs (star kids who grew up playing in her garden) but then probably said Aunty mut kaho na and got away with a respectful ji.

After this you yaaaaaawn.
Lady Simi then gives you a well edited sneak peek into next week's episode that basically tries to trick you into believing that the celebrity said something that's not politically correct. Hoping to get an Oh my God or Haw reaction.

Then we have The Minefield - a Q & A segment where the celebrity is asked questions they really don't want to answer. Dodging her questions somehow seems more difficult than dodging mines and if you don't answer, the question is simply rephrased and asked again in a very 'concerned' tone.

Simi then tries to make it interesting by playing a game that people who are a quarter of her age love to play - Never have I ever -  which she twists into I Have Never. It's normally played as a drinking game. And honestly whenever I have played it, I have lied. Unless I was just very 'thirsty' that day.
With no alcohol involved, and nothing stopping the celebrities from lying, it's just another pointless segment.

And then we return to watch the annoying audience be dangerously intrusive and bore us with more questions in a segment called Truth Bucket - which is when you wish someone would just tell them it's none of their business.

If they don't answer the penalty is a hug. Original.
You can totally see how the boys purposely ask inappropriate questions just to get a hug from a hot celebrity. Eeks. And one lucky questioner gets a Neutrogena hamper that has been signed by the celebrity guest. I dont know what the excitement is all about. It's Neutrogena not Apple.

And then it all comes to an end. No, not the world. Just the show.
The celebrity draws a self portrait in less than a minute.
No, it's not a game. It's just because they really don't care.

Simi auctions the artwork (on the net).
The common man (me etc) is supposed to bid for it and the proceeds go to charity.

Finally the celebrity leaves with a really big weird trophy which I'm sure they wouldn't be keeping in their living room since being on her show isn't exactly an achievement.

Will I watch it next week?
Ofcourse I will.
I'm a mean girl who loves giving mean comments while watching TV and eating junk food.
Especially on Sundays.

Now about the special guests:
I'm bored of bitching so let' make it quick and painless.
Ranbir Kapoor: Not fooling anyone.
Neetu Singh (not a guest but had as much face-time as Ranbir on the show): Mother obsessed with her Aankhon ka taara.
Deepika Padukone: I like her so I won't be mean.
Siddhartha Mallya: Surprisingly likeable. Love his confidence.
Sonakshi Sinha: For an actress who is in her twenties, she has a curfew? And cries if her father cuts himself while shaving?
John Abraham: I didn't really watch this one. I was busy focusing on whether his arm is bigger than my face. Plus he pronounces prayer as pray-year.
Sonam Kapoor: Refreshing and honest.

Advice to Simi: Spend a day with Graham Norton (love him). Learn a thing or two about creating a fun show.

Tip: Note the undertones of sarcasm in this blogpost for full effect.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is full of difficult choices

When I woke up this morning, this is what I was faced with...

What should I wear today?

Photo by Stylestyx.
Awesome doodle by me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When love & Love collide

I was a fussy eater and I still am sometimes (can't eat green things). 
But I do enjoy everything else. It's like a celebration in my mouth.
When it's health food - I Eat to Live.
When its dessert / fried - I Live to Eat.

80% of my meals are not salad-like and so I make up for it by doing Yoga 3 times a week.

So when I found this, I was obviously very amused.

by Baked Ideas.
Two of my loves = food ♥ yoga.

I hope to make these someday. I wish I could cook. And well too.
I don't think making maggi and papad really allow me to call myself a chef. And after my papad episode, I quit eating it forever (for now).

I've tried helping my mother make rotis since I was a child but for some reason my hands itch when I try rolling the dough. No, it's not an excuse.

Also, I'm very scared of fire. And that's not even a lie. Ask my friend Shivani. She lit the Bunsen burner for me in Chemistry class for two whole years in school.

What can I say? Life is hard.

Dear Yoga cookie people,
It's going to take a while for you to be born out of my kitchen.

There's always hope.
by Alanna Cavanagh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

100 posts

I started this blog last year after taking my sister's advice who probably just wanted me to shut up for a while and have me tell someone else the story of my life, all my interests and all my loves.
And then I found you.

And now 100 posts later...

Maybe it's time for an interview.
Get to know me and my blog a little better?

And since I'm no celebrity and noone wants to interview me, I thought I'd just have a conversation with myself. Happens pretty often.

Here it is:

How would you describe yourself?
I've never known how to answer this. I'm not sure if I'm multi-faceted, a person with multiple personalities, a Gemini or just a regular person (that's if everyone feels this about themselves).
I thought handwriting analysis would help. But, then I have more than one handwriting.

Are you like a typical artist?
What's that supposed to mean? Some days you're happy, some days you're indifferent. Some days you feel like someone's burst your little artistic bubble that you like to call home. And on other days you wake up, open your tube of creativity, brush your teeth with it and feel awesome all day.

What's your blog about?
I'm not really sure. it's made up of movies, travel, food, my life and opinions mainly.
My sister describes it as my life with references to pop culture.
I basically watch a lot of TV and that's where most of my material comes from.

How many languages do you speak?
Well, there's English, Hindi (kharaab), Marathi, Mandi (Marathi-Hindi combo spoken as a code language on holidays), French (un peu), and I'm fluent in Bengali sweets.

Do you see a future in Hollywood?
Yes. If Freida Pinto could star in a movie opposite James Franco, anything is possible.

What food do you think you resemble?
A cherry.
Believe it or not, I've never eaten one. I hate things with seeds in them that you need to spit out.

Mc Dreamy/ Mc Steamy?
Is that seriously a question? 
Mc Steamy obviously.

Are you very childish?
Yes. I laugh when people say they're traveling to Phuket.

What are your thoughts on Salad?
I don't like the colour green.

Do you think radiation from the cellphone affects your brain?
Yes. Which I why I switch off my phone when I sleep.
I am noone's 4am friend or even wish to be.

What are your expectations from science in the future that will make life easier?
To actually have babies appear the Momotaro way.
If only all babies could be born out of peaches.

Do you have trust issues?
Yes. After I saw my friend's mother in an ad playing a doctor and realised that all doctor's on TV are actually models, it made me feel cheated. How can they be recommending stuff when they don't mean it? So, yes, big trust issues.
And I don't trust people who love cats. They remind me of Dolores Umbridge.

What do you not like in this world?
As I said earlier, the colour green. Whether it's the salad in my plate or even the design on the plate. 
I am not even a fan of Green Day.
I hate mean doctors.
Gross ads for dishwasher liquid.
I also don't like damp bathrooms and bottles not aligned properly on shelves.
And people filing their nails.

Do you prefer giraffes or zebras?
I don't know. Po-ta-to  -  Po-taa-to.

Do you ever feel like you're a scientist?
Yes. My fridge and bathroom look like a lab for Lush products.

Would you cheat on your boyfriend/ girlfriend with a rockstar?
Most definitely.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Doesn't that make you a thief?
No. It's only been stuff that people won't miss.
Like the steel bar with the tape that holds the crowd back outside a nightclub.
And stuff like soaps and stationery at hotels.
And there was an air hockey puck too.
Group effort always.
And I only kept the stationery.

What would you call your child if you married Chris Martin?
Noodle, Chikoo or Lemon. 

Do you enjoy traveling? What would you always pack?
Yes. I love it.
I always pack my sister, Aku. She's loveable, laughs at all my jokes and she's as cute as a button.

Favourite colour?
Currently yellow.

I have issues with odd numbers unless they're multiples of 5.

And lastly, if I could grant you 3 wishes what would you ask for?
1. A separate country for insects (without affecting the pollination process which I found out was a very important thing in the Bee Movie).
2. To give a Thank you speech at the Kodak (for anything).
3. A 3 way tie between World Peace (unrealistic), finding true love (a little less unrealistic) and time travel (totally doable).

Thank you.

Now do you realise how much I love talking? I just interviewed myself.
I'm just super excited that I've reached 100 posts. 
I want to thank my family for being so encouraging even when I'm doing something that's pretty pointless just because it makes me so happy.
Thanks Aku for always pointing out my spelling mistakes and taking photographs for me like I pay you for it. 
And to the rest of my family, half of whom really don't know what exactly a blog is, thanks for helping me do my photoshoots around the house and not thinking I'm completely nuts when I stand on the dining table and not let you eat your dinner just so I can get the right angle for the perfect picture.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Say Cheese

I have recently been trying to learn some serious photography from a friend.
Why? Well, I'm sort of an SLR Virgin.
And I think it would be interesting + I can jazz up the blog a little more + I got a fancy new camera for my birthday holding which makes me feel powerful. Powerful enough to pull off an evil laugh.

What is learning serious photography?
For me, it's basically learning how to use the manual features.
I constantly get tempted to slide the circular button to automatic but then stop myself for the fear of being a complete failure.

Since I hate failing at anything I decided to ask my friend to teach me some photography.
The friend was Kunal.
I've known him since 2004 which makes me wonder why I only recently started troubling him to teach me photography. He is a Graphic designer just like me but I think photography is his true love.

Since he is an artist, yes he can draw, but like me he hates being asked the one question we get asked by every person - Can you draw me? Like a portrait?
Umm.. I'd rather be at the dentist's clinic.
And Kunal? Well, cartoons are his specialty.

My first lesson:
It was on the weekend before Kunal's friend was directing a play for which he was making some props.
So when I went like a good student to learn photography for the first time, I was made to inhale white spray paint which was meant only for the wooden box in the room. This resulted in me looking like a dog, sticking my head out of the window for a very long time.
The paint gave delicate-me a cold and blocked the newly understood information from reaching my brain. But I will give it credit for having given me very good sleep that night.

The class only really lasted about 10 minutes since I'm a student who gets distracted very easily.
The rest of the time was spent in watching funny videos on youtube and me boring him with the unending stories of my life.
This happened twice.
And also involved a visit to the nearby petrol pump to pickup jim-jam biscuits and other such treats.
I am still learning. My photos are pretty bad. I've got a lot of practicing to do.

But till then have a look at Kunal's pictures.
He shoots with a Nikon D90 (but recommends a Canon).

It's the world through his lens.

I really love this series of photos he shot recently while traveling.
It's like he managed to make the sky, the sea and even some monuments pose for his pictures and Say Cheese.
Now you know why I get a huge complex when I take pictures with him.

Didn't get your fill?
Then have a look at Kunal's flickr page.
Looking forward to his website.

All pictures by Kunal Gagwani.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trilo-gee if only it didn't end after 3 films

What's your favourite trilogy?

I watched the Bourne Trilogy again a few weekends ago. It's my favourite.
Watching it all at once makes it easier to connect the dots. Everything fits in so perfectly in the story. It's too bad that every girl who comes in contact with Bourne got a weird makeover. But Matt Damon with his easy intelligence and collection of passports is just perfect.
Which makes me think, in DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) - one of the most famous Bollywood movies, did you really notice how in the end Kajol jumps onto the train with Shahrukh? All that running. Will she make it? Will she not? And then she does. And everyone's happy. And Anupam Kher starts singing le jayenge le jayenge. But, where's her passport?
Did anyone ever question it?
Kajol could learn a thing or two from Bourne.

Getting back to the point, trilogies are awesome.
But, every trilogy messes up somewhere. Usually it's the sequel.
Except in the case of the Terminator.
T2, as I dearly call it, was on my most watched movies list as a child.
"I'll be back" said in Arnold Shwarjfkjfjhsz's (however you spell that) semi Austrian-semi Robotic voice felt reassuring and made me feel protected.

The Matrix got it right in the first one.
They found The One and then it got messed up.
Is that how it always works?

Twilight was weird but good weird right? Wait, doesn't that have 4 parts?

What about Golmaal
No Comment.

And Lord of the Rings.
I just kept wondering how much time they spent in blowdrying their hair.

And what about The Godfather trilogy? If you regularly read my blog, you'll see quotes from The Godfather everywhere. But, it's been a while since I've watched it. And maybe it's time to watch it again.

And I never really got down to watching Star Wars. That's got an original trilogy, sequel trilogy and even a prequel trilogy. Do I have the time?

And then there was High School Musical.
I love it. Yes, I am super old for it. And super old to have the hots for Zac Efron even.
Sometimes his perfection is even a little disturbing.
But, I love the sing-along quality of it's songs.
Or maybe it's just me who sings along. Besides all the 10 year olds.
Is it time to pack my bags and head to Cougar town?

Unfortunately my obsession with High School Musical or just HSM is no secret.
My friend Shivani got me this keychain all the way from London.
And it doubles up as a torch.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jelly Belly

How was your weekend?
Did you rush to one of those crazy July sales where you end up buying a lovely t-shirt and realise it has a hole in it when you get home?
Luckily that wasn't me.

My Sunday began as a lazy one but turned out to be pretty eventful.
I woke up and booked tickets on at 11am for a 12pm show of Delhi Belly.
I was lucky enough to get the last few tickets and managed to pack up my family in the car just in time and rushed for the movie.

Now, I had been told by my friend (of flowery clip gifting fame) not to sit in between my mother and grandmother while watching the movie like she had the previous day and warned me about facing some awkward moments.

I braced myself for 1 hour 45 minutes of awkwardness knowing that there wouldn't be an interval when I could stuff my face with popcorn which would hide my embarassed expressions since my face would be too busy looking circular.

So, I know I've been shuttling between playing food critic, film critic, celebrity critic and life advisor among many other unnecessary roles in my blog and I'm not sure if I ever get taken seriously with any of them but, who cares?

Here are my thoughts on Delhi Belly:

I won't get into the story like most film critics because I don't want to ruin it for you just the way noone did for me. So here's a little summary.
Acting : Good. Very natural. Loved all the characters. I even liked the girl (who played Maneka) who was the only actor I didn't recognise. And even though she reminded me a lot of this girl from school who I wasn't fond of but the boys were fond of (I'm sure you know what I mean), I still managed to like her.
Portrayal of 3 men living together: Couldn't be more real. Or more disgusting.
Story: Non-existent but still holds your attention.
Dialogues: Casually woven with 'bad words' but super hilarious.
Favourite dialogue: That's what you get when a donkey fucks a rickshaw. (Kunaal Roy Kapoor referring to the car gifted to Imran Khan by his daddy (father-in-law to be). 
Most relatable dialogue: Can you make the banana a little happier? By 7%? (Art director telling illustrator played by Vir Das how to make a small change which basically means make a whole new drawing and forget about your weekend).
Music: Very catchy. And with very honest lyrics.
How much did the seats rock with audience laughter?: More than a very turbulent flight.
And my grandmother's rating: 10/10

I loved the film. Absolutely loved it. It turned my sleepy Sunday morning into a super fun one. It felt as though the theatre had been filled with laughing gas.
The sex related scenes weren't too bad since I was prepared for the worst and my grandmother was too intoxicated with laughter and was just trying to breathe which left little scope for embarassing what-kind-of-movie-have-you-got-me-for stares.

I highly recommend watching Delhi Belly. I think I might just be watching it again very soon. 
The kind of music was just right for the film and was cleverly put into the movie as the background score.
Loved the completely pointless music video in the end.
Left the theatre in happy smiley mode.

And then it was time to go from Delhi Belly to Jelly Belly.

I had a super big lunch at Royal China - definitely more satisfying than Hakkasan + cheaper + you feel cool holding an Ipad menu for some reason.
Ate plenty of Chung fun and washed it down with a pot of green tea only to finish it off with a super creamy non-bitter Caramel custard.
What a day!

I got home to read Bossypants. I'm done with 50 pages already. Normally this is where I get bored and leave the book and wait for the movie (which is what happened with The Da Vinci Code, Eat Pray Love and many others). But, with this book I feel like I'm just getting started. I think I have a crush on Tina Fey. She's so weird and loveable. I prefer referring to her as lemon. And that's not just because I love referring to people who I love with fruit names. 

I read all about her weird childhood and the moment she realised she went from girl to woman (which in her case was some guy saying 'nice tits'). I was thinking about when I had my life changing moment. Couldn't think of one.

I hit page 50 and my eyelids collapsed like the shutters that go down on the few stores that are open on a Sunday afternoon. I felt drugged. The ajinomoto gave me some amazing sleep and then I woke up to watch the Wimbledon finals - Djoko (who ate some grass from the court when he won) vs. Nadal (who's famous for pulling his underwear out of his butt). Two little monkeys who I seem to love equally. Now I know what my mother feels when she says she loves both her daughters equally which I always thought was a lie.

So much love on this wonderful Sunday.
I'll leave you with a love song I heard yesterday which hasn't stopped playing in my head.
And I don't even want to press the stop button.

Shake that biscuit baby! Shake it for me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Bar around the corner

I'm not a big drinker at all.
But I enjoy going to new bars every now and then, usually within a 7 minute radius of my house.
For McDonald's on Linking road, I do not fit into their 7 minute radius which has unfortunately thrown me off their home delivery list. Gone are the days when they called me to inform me about a change in their phone number.

Coming back to the point, I live in Bandra and these are the bars.
Janata (beer bar) - How shady is that? Obviously I have never been there.
Toto's - they think their Garage look is cool.
Elbo room - you sort of don't have any when you're there.

Or you go to a regular restaurant and order a boring drink.
Everything seems to be the same.
An El Bandida Cosmopolitan at Sancho's is just a Cosmopolitan with a Mexican name which seems to only excite silly girls like me.

And if you're at Royal China you quietly sip your Chinese tea while having some fun and a lot of Chung fun. They do serve wine there but the whole red with red meat and white with white meat doesn't really work in a Chinois restaurant.

Which brings me to the newly opened Ivy in Bandra.
It's come in place of Taco Fresco. Thank God for that.
With Sancho's down the road, Taco Fresco needed to do itself a favour and shut down.
So anyway, I went to Ivy last week with a couple of friends. Or rather friends who are a couple - so in love.
My friend (boy in the couple) later told me "I Love U2".
It made me think - was it the wine, does he enjoy being dangerous or am I just so loveable?
Well, he was talking about the band.

That night, we had a bottle of rosé.
Which is awesome.

Especially when I have about 4 currencies in my wallet, which together amount to nothing.

The food is not bad either. I tried some last night. 
But, its pretty obvious that it's the wine that's pulling in the crowd.

So, if you're sad that Daniel Craig got married and need a drink, or want to celebrate because George Clooney's single again, you know where to go.

And incase you're wondering if it's a dry day today, here's some help.
If this website was a person, it would be a genius.

In other news: Häagen-Dazs has opened at Oberoi Mall today. One more reason to love Mumbai. Looking forward to some tooth and brain freeze this weekend.
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