Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trilo-gee if only it didn't end after 3 films

What's your favourite trilogy?

I watched the Bourne Trilogy again a few weekends ago. It's my favourite.
Watching it all at once makes it easier to connect the dots. Everything fits in so perfectly in the story. It's too bad that every girl who comes in contact with Bourne got a weird makeover. But Matt Damon with his easy intelligence and collection of passports is just perfect.
Which makes me think, in DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) - one of the most famous Bollywood movies, did you really notice how in the end Kajol jumps onto the train with Shahrukh? All that running. Will she make it? Will she not? And then she does. And everyone's happy. And Anupam Kher starts singing le jayenge le jayenge. But, where's her passport?
Did anyone ever question it?
Kajol could learn a thing or two from Bourne.

Getting back to the point, trilogies are awesome.
But, every trilogy messes up somewhere. Usually it's the sequel.
Except in the case of the Terminator.
T2, as I dearly call it, was on my most watched movies list as a child.
"I'll be back" said in Arnold Shwarjfkjfjhsz's (however you spell that) semi Austrian-semi Robotic voice felt reassuring and made me feel protected.

The Matrix got it right in the first one.
They found The One and then it got messed up.
Is that how it always works?

Twilight was weird but good weird right? Wait, doesn't that have 4 parts?

What about Golmaal
No Comment.

And Lord of the Rings.
I just kept wondering how much time they spent in blowdrying their hair.

And what about The Godfather trilogy? If you regularly read my blog, you'll see quotes from The Godfather everywhere. But, it's been a while since I've watched it. And maybe it's time to watch it again.

And I never really got down to watching Star Wars. That's got an original trilogy, sequel trilogy and even a prequel trilogy. Do I have the time?

And then there was High School Musical.
I love it. Yes, I am super old for it. And super old to have the hots for Zac Efron even.
Sometimes his perfection is even a little disturbing.
But, I love the sing-along quality of it's songs.
Or maybe it's just me who sings along. Besides all the 10 year olds.
Is it time to pack my bags and head to Cougar town?

Unfortunately my obsession with High School Musical or just HSM is no secret.
My friend Shivani got me this keychain all the way from London.
And it doubles up as a torch.

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