Friday, July 1, 2011

The Bar around the corner

I'm not a big drinker at all.
But I enjoy going to new bars every now and then, usually within a 7 minute radius of my house.
For McDonald's on Linking road, I do not fit into their 7 minute radius which has unfortunately thrown me off their home delivery list. Gone are the days when they called me to inform me about a change in their phone number.

Coming back to the point, I live in Bandra and these are the bars.
Janata (beer bar) - How shady is that? Obviously I have never been there.
Toto's - they think their Garage look is cool.
Elbo room - you sort of don't have any when you're there.

Or you go to a regular restaurant and order a boring drink.
Everything seems to be the same.
An El Bandida Cosmopolitan at Sancho's is just a Cosmopolitan with a Mexican name which seems to only excite silly girls like me.

And if you're at Royal China you quietly sip your Chinese tea while having some fun and a lot of Chung fun. They do serve wine there but the whole red with red meat and white with white meat doesn't really work in a Chinois restaurant.

Which brings me to the newly opened Ivy in Bandra.
It's come in place of Taco Fresco. Thank God for that.
With Sancho's down the road, Taco Fresco needed to do itself a favour and shut down.
So anyway, I went to Ivy last week with a couple of friends. Or rather friends who are a couple - so in love.
My friend (boy in the couple) later told me "I Love U2".
It made me think - was it the wine, does he enjoy being dangerous or am I just so loveable?
Well, he was talking about the band.

That night, we had a bottle of rosé.
Which is awesome.

Especially when I have about 4 currencies in my wallet, which together amount to nothing.

The food is not bad either. I tried some last night. 
But, its pretty obvious that it's the wine that's pulling in the crowd.

So, if you're sad that Daniel Craig got married and need a drink, or want to celebrate because George Clooney's single again, you know where to go.

And incase you're wondering if it's a dry day today, here's some help.
If this website was a person, it would be a genius.

In other news: Häagen-Dazs has opened at Oberoi Mall today. One more reason to love Mumbai. Looking forward to some tooth and brain freeze this weekend.


New Age Yogi said...

I do know Aalaap who designed& runs that website :)

Neha Kamath said...

Tell Aalaap that Neha says a big thank you :)

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