Thursday, July 21, 2011

You only live once

Because you won't get your life twice.

That's a very bad Hindi-to-English literal translation of the movie title Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara by me.
My Hindi is so bad it takes me 5 seconds just to say it. Something like having to say Rab Ne Bana di Jodi.

I watched Zindagi last weekend with zero expectations.
Honestly, it exceeded my expectations and was a good enjoyable film.
So, here and there there are a few things missing. Like a good enough background story showing how true their friendship really is helping us understand who the characters really are.

The music was very catchy. And very Spanish like the rest of the movie.
Sometimes it feels like a 3 hour ad for Spain Tourism.
The first 30 seconds of the movie however are packed with sponsor logos which is when you know you will be hearing a tagline of some brand cleverly put in as part of casual conversation (Dar ke aage jeet hai).
And the opening credits sort of come out of nowhere which seemed like obvious bad editing.

But, I would still call it a good film with good music, good looking people and good humour.
On a rainy Sunday afternoon, that was good enough to keep me entertained.
  • Farhan Akhtar was the perfect guy - good looking, writes poetry, uniquely funny, can dance and is adventurous.
  • Hrithik minus the attitude and the extra finger was hot.
  • Abhay Deol for some reason speaks Hindi with a weird English accent or should I just be honest and call it gay? Nothing against gay people but he sounds like a straight person trying to imitate a gay person if you know what I mean. Plus he shouldn't dance next to Hrithik.
  • Katrina was so beautiful. She's come a long way since... when she was chubbier and took longer to do dance steps (I'm not trying to be mean. I just can't remember the names of her earlier films). But, she was just very likeable.
  • Unlike Kalki who had a character who wasn't. But good job.
All that traveling and adventure made me want to pack my bags right away and head to a land far far away. And soon.

When I got home that evening, I met one of my friends, Mallika who had also watched the movie.
She asked me if I would ever do any of those adventurous things seen in the film.
  • Well, I'm definitely not running down a street with bulls chasing me.
  • I wouldn't mind scuba but I sometimes feel like my ear pressure isn't right when I can't balance well in Yoga. Am I a hypochondriac?
  • And skydiving? I always wanted to try it. But, when it came down to it, would I?
I thought to myself -
[at some level it seems pointless. It's either like committing suicide with a parachute or diving out of a plane for kicks and risking your life.
Pretty mixed up. Maybe the adrenalin rush you get is worth it.
But I'm not an adrenaline junkie.]

So, here's how the conversation went:
Me: I am not scared of heights. At all. But, yes to jump out of a plane I would be scared. So my answer is "I don't know".
Mallika (looking disinterested on hearing my answer): What about birds? They can't commit suicide right?
Me: By jumping from a height?
Mallika: Yea. Or even by slitting their wrists.
Unless they take the sleeping pills route.
It's much easier for fish right?
Me: To jump out of water? Or wait for a big fish?

Long pause. Lost in thought.
And for 5 minutes I was imagining a hundred ways in which a crow could commit suicide.
Mallika would like to compile our arbid thoughts and turn it into a book of short stories called - How 'tequilla' Mocking bird. 
Got it? If you didn't, just keep saying it.
I don't think PETA would be too pleased.

Clearly Zindagi na Milegi Dobara led to very deep conversations about life.

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