Friday, July 8, 2011

Say Cheese

I have recently been trying to learn some serious photography from a friend.
Why? Well, I'm sort of an SLR Virgin.
And I think it would be interesting + I can jazz up the blog a little more + I got a fancy new camera for my birthday holding which makes me feel powerful. Powerful enough to pull off an evil laugh.

What is learning serious photography?
For me, it's basically learning how to use the manual features.
I constantly get tempted to slide the circular button to automatic but then stop myself for the fear of being a complete failure.

Since I hate failing at anything I decided to ask my friend to teach me some photography.
The friend was Kunal.
I've known him since 2004 which makes me wonder why I only recently started troubling him to teach me photography. He is a Graphic designer just like me but I think photography is his true love.

Since he is an artist, yes he can draw, but like me he hates being asked the one question we get asked by every person - Can you draw me? Like a portrait?
Umm.. I'd rather be at the dentist's clinic.
And Kunal? Well, cartoons are his specialty.

My first lesson:
It was on the weekend before Kunal's friend was directing a play for which he was making some props.
So when I went like a good student to learn photography for the first time, I was made to inhale white spray paint which was meant only for the wooden box in the room. This resulted in me looking like a dog, sticking my head out of the window for a very long time.
The paint gave delicate-me a cold and blocked the newly understood information from reaching my brain. But I will give it credit for having given me very good sleep that night.

The class only really lasted about 10 minutes since I'm a student who gets distracted very easily.
The rest of the time was spent in watching funny videos on youtube and me boring him with the unending stories of my life.
This happened twice.
And also involved a visit to the nearby petrol pump to pickup jim-jam biscuits and other such treats.
I am still learning. My photos are pretty bad. I've got a lot of practicing to do.

But till then have a look at Kunal's pictures.
He shoots with a Nikon D90 (but recommends a Canon).

It's the world through his lens.

I really love this series of photos he shot recently while traveling.
It's like he managed to make the sky, the sea and even some monuments pose for his pictures and Say Cheese.
Now you know why I get a huge complex when I take pictures with him.

Didn't get your fill?
Then have a look at Kunal's flickr page.
Looking forward to his website.

All pictures by Kunal Gagwani.

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