Monday, July 26, 2010

Lights Camera Love

I watched Inception again. Made me think even more. Came up with so many different possible endings. Was Cobb still dreaming or had he come back to reality? 

Or was he just screwed up like most other men because of his wife?

In every movie these days relationships seem so unstable or warped. Maybe thats cause everyones trying to make their movies look more real. 90% of people I know have been in at least one screwed up relationship so I guess film-makers are on the right track.

When Harry met Sally print by Vari
Today couples split over anything. 
People feel 'the itch' after one night and not seven years anymore. Are we that allergic to the opposite sex?
One says pot-ate-o and the other says pot-aa-to. The end.

I was watching Serendipity last week. I've watched it many times before and thought to myself 'What a lovely movie!' but NO!! it isn't. John Cusack just ditches his fiance on their wedding day for a girl he met just once before. Which nut-job even does that? And its all justified because of 'the signs' ooooo.

As much as I hated Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding while growing up, today I see how that had the right ending. It actually taught me values as a child and made me even more awesome.

Sick of all the mushy crap and crappy mush, I watched Salt last evening. 
Definitely not a romantic comedy. And I wasn't even armed with cheesy popcorn which could've possibly absorbed my boredom.
So Anjelina is like a spy but a good spy. She does stuff that Bond, James Bond could never dream of doing. Being a lady spy has its advantages. 
- Anjelina (Evelyn Salt) removes her panty hose and throws it over a security camera to block its view. 
- She also uses a sanitary pad to cover her wound. Hmmm. I don't know whether to call that weird or brilliant. I bet Bond wouldn't have thought of it. Just imagining Daniel Craig doing that cracks me up.
- And in between all the stunts and fighting she finds time to dye her hair black. A totally new look but hardly a disguise. Maybe she could attend fashion week after killing the Raashians.

Anyway I'm all excited about Eclipse finally releasing in Bombay this Friday. I guess Bella could use a tip or two from Evelyn Salt.
Have we given up on love that Vampire love stories, as unreal as they are seem so appealing?

I miss the pure romance of old movies. Even Hindi movies are getting pretty ridiculous. The connection between the hero and heroine is seen mostly in songs unfortunately.
I was watching a song on TV which had Lara Dutta roll on a beach while in Sanjay Dutt's arms. Gross! I mean he's old and definitely no Tom Cruise (who I just discovered I'd ditch if Jamie Oliver would have me, that's if Tom would have me to begin with). Anyway getting back to the point, my mom and I were watching Lara-Sanjay singing to each other while rolling in the sand. My mom's reaction was 'Yuckkkk! How can she do that? That too with him'. I said mother, she gets paid big bucks. If I got 100 crores (which clearly no actress gets, implying that I would NEVER do it) I would do it too. That's if someone would cast me in a movie to begin with.

I am a woman of the 21st century - single and happy. But maybe its time to be realistic. I think its time to execute Plan Japan, go teach some English & find my other half (lol).
It time to spice up my somewhat bland life - begin my days with sushi and end with sake.

Photo by Kitty Rogers
And for all those who've given up on love thanks to Hollywood and Bollywood and maybe even Tollywood, start listening to music. Chris Martin hasn't given up yet.
Now the sky 
could be blue
I don't mind
Without you its a waste of time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Figure Happy

Wake up in the morning not quite like P Diddy
Would be great if I had a pep-me-up CD
Wish my teeth would brush themselves 5 minutes before I'm awake
So the second I'm up I'm ready to eat some cake

I don't know what it is but I just hate brushing my teeth like it actually requires a whole lot of muscle power. I'd rather wake up and do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle instead. But, I'm definitely not one of those people who can eat anything without brushing my teeth (besides chewing gum instead once on a school camp cause I was on a train).

I am currently trying to lead a healthier life. I thought I'd only hate veggies as a child but some things never change. If I did eat them would that have made me a completely different person? Would I have worn my watch on my right wrist instead of my left? Anyway finally added a few greens to my diet and even exercised a bit only to get sick yet again. I think my body looks at healthy living as 'something wrong' and releases the antibodies immediately. Someone told me that this is probably the best I'll look in my entire life and though I think that probably happened at 20 I'm ready to finally try exercising though I'm slightly afraid of ending up with the weird 'older-lady-aerobics-instructor' body.

My weekend was pretty good. Washed my hair and tried drying it with what I think was a beach towel. Finally realised why beach towels are meant for the beach and not my head. Flipping my hair with a beach towel on it gave me a sudden Rush of blood to the head. And I don't mean the Coldplay song but the sick feeling you get when you do a headstand. After I recovered from that I went for my iLife class. Learnt a whole lot. Came home and started composing my own music which annoyed the hell out of Aku while I thought I was creating history in our home. 

That evening I watched a very disturbing commercial. Is that the ice-cream of the future?

Ended my day at Palladium. Watched Inception. Chris Nolan is a genius. Loved the crazy thoughts that have gone into making this movie. Wish I had such amazing visualisation skills. Was beyond mindblowing. I love movies like it that really tease my mind, somewhat like Memento did a couple of years ago, also a Nolan movie. It was pretty long for an English movie but well made and well edited. After leaving the theatre I guess I was still so into the movie that I nearly felt like I was a part of it. Finding the restroom felt like I was  in a multi-layered dream going through one door after another. I was alone and scared and just dying to pee - an extremely weird experience. Hate using public restrooms as most girls do but these days I go armed with tissue and hand sanitiser and even disposable toilet seat covers. I carry my whole OCD world in my bag. It's pretty amazing actually.

Umm... thinking about what else to write now. Too many unsorted thoughts. Just listening to my feel good song of the day. I think its something I can wake up to. Love the lyrics especially

Hey, did you ever meet my friend Ian?
He's a coumputer hacker.
He helped me erase your Myspace page,
And your band's Myspace page,
And your Facebook page.
Happy networking asshole.

There's no anger in me. Its just a chick song.

And for some weird reason I just paid £1 online for a song by a pretty unknown artist. But I really like it and I guess as of today I paid something like Rs. 72 which is pretty silly so still wondering why so much thought went into it. Oh god, am I that kanjus??  

Love the new Rupee symbol. Finally India seems to be doing something right. I must say I am impressed. And excited. Can't wait to have it on my keyboard.

Anyway now I'll get back to my work. 
And I have decided to exercise Come what December (since May is already done with and August is too soon). To summarise I'm pretty Figure happy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad & the rest of the Week

Had an interesting couple of days. Interesting - good and interesting - bad.

Let's start with the good stuff cause I don't believe in saving the best for last. No patience!
  • I attended a first birthday party. Was the sweetest birthday party for a baby who looks like she's popped out of an Anne Geddes card - hanging cheeks and everything. It was just so lovely even though the little baby had no clue it was her birthday but seemed to be having a great time surrounded by balloons and yummy cake. Or wait, was that me?
  • Watched Nadal and Serena win Wimbledon. If I had to play against Serena I would've probably just run away from the court on seeing Gorilla-woman serve like she's about to destroy the planet. Nadal on the other hand is such a cutie even with the pulling of his underwear out of his butt before every shot. I have a feeling that's what he does for good luck. I wonder what Xisca with her creamy Spanish skin thinks about it. 
  • Been watching a bit of football too. Love when they show the audience with all their cameras flashing. It's the closest we can get to seeing a starry sky. I must say I also really like the tradition of exchanging shirts at the end of the game. Just cause I love tradition. Don't you?
Homemade fringe
  • I gave myself a haircut. It was a day of experimentation or probably just plain boredom. I thought this can't be a bad thing cause its not permanent like a tattoo and if it looks pathetic, I'll just wear clips for a while. So good at covering up those bad hair days which seem to be everyday these days.
  • Met my little cousins who thought I was 16. I wonder if it's the new hairstyle. Anyway I think my love for them just doubled. We seemed to share a lot of common interests like High School Musical 3 and Twilight even though I was 2 and 3 times their age. One of them opened the paper and read that 'Tom Cruise celebrates his 48th birthday today' and actually said Eww. I just found her reaction hilarious. Tom Cruise is hot at any age, not like George Clooney who is only 49  but old-man hot. Big difference.
  • The other day Mallika called me a child dresser as a joke. So am I not a child anymore? I do have clothes with cycles and girls swimming on them. I look at it as my inspiration to do things I want to do. Like a constant reminder. Cycles to learn cycling and swimmer girls for scuba. And as for my dress with cats on it - is cause someday I plan on being catwoman maybe. Not come up with a good enough excuse for that one yet.
Now for the bad part of the week.
  • Ended up in hospital on Monday for a weird allergy and don't even know what I'm allergic to yet. Unfortunately for me I can't just cure myself by jumping around in a desert singing Your Love is my Drug like Kesha. Opened a bottle of Lacto Calamine after ages. The smell brings back happy memories of my chicken pox days. Yes, happy memories. When all I had to do was lie in bed for 10 days without bathing. Yes, I am gross. I had food served to me which I was allowed to eat on my bed. Sheets were changed for me everyday. I stayed in touch with civilisation over the phone. Aku would get me Dvds and Mallika even made me chocolates. Everyone was polite 24/7. It was unreal. Have never seen such kindness in my life and yes, I love being pampered.
  • Been watching a lot of old movies. Realised how most of them are oh so weird. The Graduate is not a historically significant movie like its believed to be. Rosemary's Baby is beyond weird. And even Pretty Woman is a bit strange when you think about it.
  • Have been doing a lot of reading online to kill time. Learning about creating my own website, origami etc. Was reading about decoupage yesterday. Seemed interesting, though I wonder when I'll have time for it. Since I am an Indian woman, maybe I'll just wait for my wedding day so a makeup artist can do some decoupage on my face.
  • Been spending a lot of time around my grandmother. She too loves Waka Waka and asked me if I had downloaded it. She seemed to look pretty happy after using the word 'downloaded' since I'm pretty sure she doesn't know exactly what that is. She also thought that Cougar Town is a place. But, for a lady in her 80's I must say she is really something. Anyone can notice how much she loves life and lives it to the fullest. I on the other hand, at age 25 already have started doing things like shaving only half my leg out of pure laziness.
  • Right now everything around me seems to annoy me. Especially little things like toothpaste falling in the sink. Is it the medicine or am I going coo-coo in the brain?
Was hoping this would be big holiday month but doesn't look likely at all.
Was hoping to go for the Confluence festival in Leh.
Or maybe visiting a cheese factory in Europe.
Or see a volcano (it looked really exciting on the Discovery channel).
Or maybe see Coldplay in concert.

Don't know what destiny has in store for me.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thought for Food

Been a while. Did you miss me? I've been busy exercising. Shocked? 

No I haven't gotten back to Yoga yet. My exercise routine is pretty unique. A-bhutta-a-day-keeps-the-double-chin-away. So much effort! I will always have slightly chubby arms so don't really care about that. Don't see myself doing stomach crunches and a couple of years ago I heard that the Hula hoop isn't good for you or I would've twirled back into shape by now. And my legs get toned at Palladium. Seriously! Been a while since that happened but I truly believe that its helped me get in shape. Plus I walk up 6 floors pretty often as my elevator has to be out of order atleast once a week. Today I made it upstairs in one go, no breaks, no 'I think I can feel pain in my left arm' moments of panic. That too right after a blood test where I was quasi-tortured by the technician. Lilavati hospital = zero love. The next time I'm going back to my regular guy opposite McDonalds. Could the location of his clinic be the reason why I like him so much or is it his kind doctor looks? But anyway Lila gave me a cool credit card lookalike card. So Yay!

So now that I'm back in shape I guess I can get back to pigging out. Not that I ever stopped actually. And when I'm not eating I'm watching cooking shows on TV. Maybe cause they don't really have a season finale episode. I just hate those. 

Jamie Oliver - the Naked Chef is my current favourite. I love him even though he's so messy with his cooking. He hops right back to his garden and plucks fruits and veggies right out of the mud and tastes them and seems to look pretty happy. I don't know if I enjoy it cause it seems like a mild version of Fear Factor for me. Anyway, his food looks amazingly colourful and I love it even though it looks pretty healthy.

The other day he actually made Tagliatelle from scratch. It was amazing. He was like Da Vinci but with food. I was so inspired. He just mixed the eggs and flour, made it into a dough and then ran it through the pasta machine (something I'm just dying to buy even though all I cook is papad) and then he just cut it up into noodles. It was so beautiful, I could've cried. I am hoping to try it out soon. The only recipe I have tried out is his strawberry champagne.
So you basically mix strawberry juice in champagne. Can I even classify that as cooking?

Anyway I am in love with Jamie even with the funny accent. His meringue kicked Nigella's Pavlova's ass. He topped it with vanilla (freshly scraped off the pod) filled cream, chocolate sauce, peaches, hazelnuts and orange zest. And all I could think was 'Oh, Life is beautiful again' besides trying not to drool while watching tv. 

I love how precise he is with everything even in the mess. Other cooking shows never give exact measures of ingredients in their recipes. I also love the book illustrations they show during his cooking show. Jamie also gives special tips like old egg whites = better meringue. How thoughtful to add that in right? As Oprah once said 'the love is in the details'. So Jamie I am totally feeling the love. 
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