Friday, July 2, 2010

Thought for Food

Been a while. Did you miss me? I've been busy exercising. Shocked? 

No I haven't gotten back to Yoga yet. My exercise routine is pretty unique. A-bhutta-a-day-keeps-the-double-chin-away. So much effort! I will always have slightly chubby arms so don't really care about that. Don't see myself doing stomach crunches and a couple of years ago I heard that the Hula hoop isn't good for you or I would've twirled back into shape by now. And my legs get toned at Palladium. Seriously! Been a while since that happened but I truly believe that its helped me get in shape. Plus I walk up 6 floors pretty often as my elevator has to be out of order atleast once a week. Today I made it upstairs in one go, no breaks, no 'I think I can feel pain in my left arm' moments of panic. That too right after a blood test where I was quasi-tortured by the technician. Lilavati hospital = zero love. The next time I'm going back to my regular guy opposite McDonalds. Could the location of his clinic be the reason why I like him so much or is it his kind doctor looks? But anyway Lila gave me a cool credit card lookalike card. So Yay!

So now that I'm back in shape I guess I can get back to pigging out. Not that I ever stopped actually. And when I'm not eating I'm watching cooking shows on TV. Maybe cause they don't really have a season finale episode. I just hate those. 

Jamie Oliver - the Naked Chef is my current favourite. I love him even though he's so messy with his cooking. He hops right back to his garden and plucks fruits and veggies right out of the mud and tastes them and seems to look pretty happy. I don't know if I enjoy it cause it seems like a mild version of Fear Factor for me. Anyway, his food looks amazingly colourful and I love it even though it looks pretty healthy.

The other day he actually made Tagliatelle from scratch. It was amazing. He was like Da Vinci but with food. I was so inspired. He just mixed the eggs and flour, made it into a dough and then ran it through the pasta machine (something I'm just dying to buy even though all I cook is papad) and then he just cut it up into noodles. It was so beautiful, I could've cried. I am hoping to try it out soon. The only recipe I have tried out is his strawberry champagne.
So you basically mix strawberry juice in champagne. Can I even classify that as cooking?

Anyway I am in love with Jamie even with the funny accent. His meringue kicked Nigella's Pavlova's ass. He topped it with vanilla (freshly scraped off the pod) filled cream, chocolate sauce, peaches, hazelnuts and orange zest. And all I could think was 'Oh, Life is beautiful again' besides trying not to drool while watching tv. 

I love how precise he is with everything even in the mess. Other cooking shows never give exact measures of ingredients in their recipes. I also love the book illustrations they show during his cooking show. Jamie also gives special tips like old egg whites = better meringue. How thoughtful to add that in right? As Oprah once said 'the love is in the details'. So Jamie I am totally feeling the love. 

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