Monday, July 26, 2010

Lights Camera Love

I watched Inception again. Made me think even more. Came up with so many different possible endings. Was Cobb still dreaming or had he come back to reality? 

Or was he just screwed up like most other men because of his wife?

In every movie these days relationships seem so unstable or warped. Maybe thats cause everyones trying to make their movies look more real. 90% of people I know have been in at least one screwed up relationship so I guess film-makers are on the right track.

When Harry met Sally print by Vari
Today couples split over anything. 
People feel 'the itch' after one night and not seven years anymore. Are we that allergic to the opposite sex?
One says pot-ate-o and the other says pot-aa-to. The end.

I was watching Serendipity last week. I've watched it many times before and thought to myself 'What a lovely movie!' but NO!! it isn't. John Cusack just ditches his fiance on their wedding day for a girl he met just once before. Which nut-job even does that? And its all justified because of 'the signs' ooooo.

As much as I hated Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding while growing up, today I see how that had the right ending. It actually taught me values as a child and made me even more awesome.

Sick of all the mushy crap and crappy mush, I watched Salt last evening. 
Definitely not a romantic comedy. And I wasn't even armed with cheesy popcorn which could've possibly absorbed my boredom.
So Anjelina is like a spy but a good spy. She does stuff that Bond, James Bond could never dream of doing. Being a lady spy has its advantages. 
- Anjelina (Evelyn Salt) removes her panty hose and throws it over a security camera to block its view. 
- She also uses a sanitary pad to cover her wound. Hmmm. I don't know whether to call that weird or brilliant. I bet Bond wouldn't have thought of it. Just imagining Daniel Craig doing that cracks me up.
- And in between all the stunts and fighting she finds time to dye her hair black. A totally new look but hardly a disguise. Maybe she could attend fashion week after killing the Raashians.

Anyway I'm all excited about Eclipse finally releasing in Bombay this Friday. I guess Bella could use a tip or two from Evelyn Salt.
Have we given up on love that Vampire love stories, as unreal as they are seem so appealing?

I miss the pure romance of old movies. Even Hindi movies are getting pretty ridiculous. The connection between the hero and heroine is seen mostly in songs unfortunately.
I was watching a song on TV which had Lara Dutta roll on a beach while in Sanjay Dutt's arms. Gross! I mean he's old and definitely no Tom Cruise (who I just discovered I'd ditch if Jamie Oliver would have me, that's if Tom would have me to begin with). Anyway getting back to the point, my mom and I were watching Lara-Sanjay singing to each other while rolling in the sand. My mom's reaction was 'Yuckkkk! How can she do that? That too with him'. I said mother, she gets paid big bucks. If I got 100 crores (which clearly no actress gets, implying that I would NEVER do it) I would do it too. That's if someone would cast me in a movie to begin with.

I am a woman of the 21st century - single and happy. But maybe its time to be realistic. I think its time to execute Plan Japan, go teach some English & find my other half (lol).
It time to spice up my somewhat bland life - begin my days with sushi and end with sake.

Photo by Kitty Rogers
And for all those who've given up on love thanks to Hollywood and Bollywood and maybe even Tollywood, start listening to music. Chris Martin hasn't given up yet.
Now the sky 
could be blue
I don't mind
Without you its a waste of time.

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