Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Figure Happy

Wake up in the morning not quite like P Diddy
Would be great if I had a pep-me-up CD
Wish my teeth would brush themselves 5 minutes before I'm awake
So the second I'm up I'm ready to eat some cake

I don't know what it is but I just hate brushing my teeth like it actually requires a whole lot of muscle power. I'd rather wake up and do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle instead. But, I'm definitely not one of those people who can eat anything without brushing my teeth (besides chewing gum instead once on a school camp cause I was on a train).

I am currently trying to lead a healthier life. I thought I'd only hate veggies as a child but some things never change. If I did eat them would that have made me a completely different person? Would I have worn my watch on my right wrist instead of my left? Anyway finally added a few greens to my diet and even exercised a bit only to get sick yet again. I think my body looks at healthy living as 'something wrong' and releases the antibodies immediately. Someone told me that this is probably the best I'll look in my entire life and though I think that probably happened at 20 I'm ready to finally try exercising though I'm slightly afraid of ending up with the weird 'older-lady-aerobics-instructor' body.

My weekend was pretty good. Washed my hair and tried drying it with what I think was a beach towel. Finally realised why beach towels are meant for the beach and not my head. Flipping my hair with a beach towel on it gave me a sudden Rush of blood to the head. And I don't mean the Coldplay song but the sick feeling you get when you do a headstand. After I recovered from that I went for my iLife class. Learnt a whole lot. Came home and started composing my own music which annoyed the hell out of Aku while I thought I was creating history in our home. 

That evening I watched a very disturbing commercial. Is that the ice-cream of the future?

Ended my day at Palladium. Watched Inception. Chris Nolan is a genius. Loved the crazy thoughts that have gone into making this movie. Wish I had such amazing visualisation skills. Was beyond mindblowing. I love movies like it that really tease my mind, somewhat like Memento did a couple of years ago, also a Nolan movie. It was pretty long for an English movie but well made and well edited. After leaving the theatre I guess I was still so into the movie that I nearly felt like I was a part of it. Finding the restroom felt like I was  in a multi-layered dream going through one door after another. I was alone and scared and just dying to pee - an extremely weird experience. Hate using public restrooms as most girls do but these days I go armed with tissue and hand sanitiser and even disposable toilet seat covers. I carry my whole OCD world in my bag. It's pretty amazing actually.

Umm... thinking about what else to write now. Too many unsorted thoughts. Just listening to my feel good song of the day. I think its something I can wake up to. Love the lyrics especially

Hey, did you ever meet my friend Ian?
He's a coumputer hacker.
He helped me erase your Myspace page,
And your band's Myspace page,
And your Facebook page.
Happy networking asshole.

There's no anger in me. Its just a chick song.

And for some weird reason I just paid £1 online for a song by a pretty unknown artist. But I really like it and I guess as of today I paid something like Rs. 72 which is pretty silly so still wondering why so much thought went into it. Oh god, am I that kanjus??  

Love the new Rupee symbol. Finally India seems to be doing something right. I must say I am impressed. And excited. Can't wait to have it on my keyboard.

Anyway now I'll get back to my work. 
And I have decided to exercise Come what December (since May is already done with and August is too soon). To summarise I'm pretty Figure happy.

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