Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad & the rest of the Week

Had an interesting couple of days. Interesting - good and interesting - bad.

Let's start with the good stuff cause I don't believe in saving the best for last. No patience!
  • I attended a first birthday party. Was the sweetest birthday party for a baby who looks like she's popped out of an Anne Geddes card - hanging cheeks and everything. It was just so lovely even though the little baby had no clue it was her birthday but seemed to be having a great time surrounded by balloons and yummy cake. Or wait, was that me?
  • Watched Nadal and Serena win Wimbledon. If I had to play against Serena I would've probably just run away from the court on seeing Gorilla-woman serve like she's about to destroy the planet. Nadal on the other hand is such a cutie even with the pulling of his underwear out of his butt before every shot. I have a feeling that's what he does for good luck. I wonder what Xisca with her creamy Spanish skin thinks about it. 
  • Been watching a bit of football too. Love when they show the audience with all their cameras flashing. It's the closest we can get to seeing a starry sky. I must say I also really like the tradition of exchanging shirts at the end of the game. Just cause I love tradition. Don't you?
Homemade fringe
  • I gave myself a haircut. It was a day of experimentation or probably just plain boredom. I thought this can't be a bad thing cause its not permanent like a tattoo and if it looks pathetic, I'll just wear clips for a while. So good at covering up those bad hair days which seem to be everyday these days.
  • Met my little cousins who thought I was 16. I wonder if it's the new hairstyle. Anyway I think my love for them just doubled. We seemed to share a lot of common interests like High School Musical 3 and Twilight even though I was 2 and 3 times their age. One of them opened the paper and read that 'Tom Cruise celebrates his 48th birthday today' and actually said Eww. I just found her reaction hilarious. Tom Cruise is hot at any age, not like George Clooney who is only 49  but old-man hot. Big difference.
  • The other day Mallika called me a child dresser as a joke. So am I not a child anymore? I do have clothes with cycles and girls swimming on them. I look at it as my inspiration to do things I want to do. Like a constant reminder. Cycles to learn cycling and swimmer girls for scuba. And as for my dress with cats on it - is cause someday I plan on being catwoman maybe. Not come up with a good enough excuse for that one yet.
Now for the bad part of the week.
  • Ended up in hospital on Monday for a weird allergy and don't even know what I'm allergic to yet. Unfortunately for me I can't just cure myself by jumping around in a desert singing Your Love is my Drug like Kesha. Opened a bottle of Lacto Calamine after ages. The smell brings back happy memories of my chicken pox days. Yes, happy memories. When all I had to do was lie in bed for 10 days without bathing. Yes, I am gross. I had food served to me which I was allowed to eat on my bed. Sheets were changed for me everyday. I stayed in touch with civilisation over the phone. Aku would get me Dvds and Mallika even made me chocolates. Everyone was polite 24/7. It was unreal. Have never seen such kindness in my life and yes, I love being pampered.
  • Been watching a lot of old movies. Realised how most of them are oh so weird. The Graduate is not a historically significant movie like its believed to be. Rosemary's Baby is beyond weird. And even Pretty Woman is a bit strange when you think about it.
  • Have been doing a lot of reading online to kill time. Learning about creating my own website, origami etc. Was reading about decoupage yesterday. Seemed interesting, though I wonder when I'll have time for it. Since I am an Indian woman, maybe I'll just wait for my wedding day so a makeup artist can do some decoupage on my face.
  • Been spending a lot of time around my grandmother. She too loves Waka Waka and asked me if I had downloaded it. She seemed to look pretty happy after using the word 'downloaded' since I'm pretty sure she doesn't know exactly what that is. She also thought that Cougar Town is a place. But, for a lady in her 80's I must say she is really something. Anyone can notice how much she loves life and lives it to the fullest. I on the other hand, at age 25 already have started doing things like shaving only half my leg out of pure laziness.
  • Right now everything around me seems to annoy me. Especially little things like toothpaste falling in the sink. Is it the medicine or am I going coo-coo in the brain?
Was hoping this would be big holiday month but doesn't look likely at all.
Was hoping to go for the Confluence festival in Leh.
Or maybe visiting a cheese factory in Europe.
Or see a volcano (it looked really exciting on the Discovery channel).
Or maybe see Coldplay in concert.

Don't know what destiny has in store for me.

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