Sunday, December 25, 2011

12 Truths for the 12 days of Christmas


The egg came before the chicken. How do I know that?
Well, I figured it out by instinctively answering a questionnaire on a website.
My answer: The egg came before the chicken because the chicken was busy crossing the road.


My right arm will always be fatter than my left arm and my left foot will always be bigger than my right. Somehow I've made peace with it by telling myself that that's how I'm maintaining some sort of balance (in the universe).


Murphy's Law rocks my world. Honestly!


I am an ambidextrous nail painter. 


Chris Martin's daughter is an alphabet away from being a cocktail.


Everyone who looks out of this world has been photoshopped, airbrushed, botoxed, starved or spray tanned.


Decent stores on Hill Road should be renamed Adidas. Because they really live by the tagline Impossible is Nothing. Whether you want an Iphone 8 or a shampoo made from the hormones of an ostrich sunbathing in Honolulu, they can get it for you.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are the new Kardashians.


I will find a doppleganger for every Kardashian before my next birthday.


Rice does not make you fat. It's all in the mind. And it's the same logic with ageing creams and lip plumpers. So do yourself a favour and stop reading magazines.


Only Nigella Lawson can add huge chunks of meat to her food and follow it up with a line like "Let's Live a little" and get away with it. Anything is possible in Nigella's Christmas Kitchen.


And if you are far away from your loved ones this holiday season and are missing them, just look up at the Moon. Knowing that someone somewhere can see the same thing as you makes you feel like you can't be all that far.


Santa Hat Brownies by Daisy

If you didn't get the Chris Martin joke. It's Apple Martini.

Hope you are showered with many such beverages this season!
Have a Merry Christmas & a Super 2012 minus the Apocalypse.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Not-so-big Ben

On November 5, I couldn't get out of bed and while lazing around in my half dreamy state I imagined that my wall clock had turned into Big Ben.

I then woke up and realised it was only just a dream.

I jumped out of bed charged enough to make that dream a reality and went shopping for Permanent markers of different sizes. And here's what happened...

I tried to fit the Big Ben into my room and that didn't exactly work so it's slightly bent at the top. Oh Well!
So now I wake up and see the time on the Not-so-Big Ben in my room everyday.

A special thanks to my sister, Akshaya who took a million pictures for my stop motion video without complaining.

Music by Katie Herzig.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I watched 2 movies over last weekend - one Hollywood and one Bollywood.
They were good/bad and a little bit of ugly.

And then today I woke up and while I stared at the wall in front of me for about half an hour, my mind went into flashback mode (with the hazy white edges) and for some reason I began to compare the two movies.

Here is the list I drew up on Excel. Because sometimes even the most arbid thoughts need to be documented.

For the record I loved Breaking Dawn even with its weird storyline that somehow made sense to me.
The Dirty Picture on the other hand was hard to digest even though it was based on a true story. All it had going for it was Vidya Balan and one good song.

The Dirty Picture is the third movie I have walked out of in my life. The first was LSD and the second was Robot.
I walked out when I thought it had ended when Emraan Hashmi started singing a Sufi song with dancing dervishes around him after miraculously falling in love with Silk. This happened after they both competed while making and starring in triple role films. Bleck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Beginning

It's already December. It's almost time to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.
But, don't worry. This is not a post about resolutions. Mainly because I never make any.

It's winter.
Everyone's getting married.
Strawberries are in season.
And creatures are going into hibernation.

But, I'm not one to follow the herd.
And so I've decided to come out of my 2 month hibernation and get back to my blog.

Being so close to 2012, I can't help but think of the predictions made by Nostradamus & gang.
To start the year on a positive note, I've made a Calendar which makes me go...

Come rain, Come shine.
2012 will be just fine.

Here's to having the best year yet!

Concept & design by me
Photo by Akshaya.
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