Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Making of

I've changed the look of my blog and I think the new look says so much more about what my blog's all about.
What's that?
I have no idea.

Here's how it all happened.

When: 14 June, 2011

Where: My room. Between my bed and TV.

How: With a lot of enthusiasm.

I was ill and had bunked my Yoga class. But then I got so restless and thought it was time to change my blog header. I started out with a few ideas and all of it changed along the way.

The team:
Concept & Design : by me.
Photographer: my sister, Akshaya.
Ladder holder: my grandmother.
Refreshments, prop supplier & encourager: my mother.

The idea:
I wanted to fake a mid-air shot.
So I got dressed up in the first outfit that fell out of my cupboard and dragged Akshaya away from her MBA homework. That wasn't hard.
Then I made myself lie on the floor and played the role of Art Director/ Control Freak (according to my sister).

The Shoot:
I made Akshaya arrange my hair while I was lying on the ground into little twirly designs which I thought gave it a Tim Burton-ish feel. Basically anything unusual/ weird falls into that category.
Next, I arranged my skirt to look the way it does in the photo. I love this skirt of mine. I call it my cow skirt.

The challenge was in getting Aku to climb the ladder without hitting the fan. The ladder was a little wobbly which made her a slightly nervous photographer. Luckily, right then my curious grandmother stepped in. She was immediately appointed as ladder holder.
Of all the questions that she could've asked me, she said "But how are you reading with your sunglasses on?"
Answer: it was a blank page.

Ten minutes later:
Pictures were transferred. One was randomly selected and photoshopped.

Hope you had as much fun viewing it as I had making it.
Pointless projects like these are always the most fun.


kritika said...

u amaze me each time little!!..luv d new look..aai's comment on u reading a book with ur sun glasses on takes the cake..luv the "kamaths"..

Venus said...

so clever. The Kamaths indeed are an intelligent lot.... Love it Love it.

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