Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good fight

Is your week ever complete without a fight?

For me it isn't.
And it's generally Vodafone that I fight with.

But, this time it was Crossword bookstores.
A few weeks ago I was ill + lazy + found out that Crossword has an online store + it gives discounts.
So, I chucked my never-been-used crossword discount card and went for it.

At this point I was thinking Wow, Indian stores actually sell online and it works?
I've thought of selling my art online many times but feel like there isn't a market for it yet.
Unless I'm buying my own art. Which would be pointless.

So, I ordered a book 3 weeks ago.
And waited for (a maximum of) 18 days before I called them to see what's going on.
This was followed by a rude email to the Crossword e-store about how I was so impressed with them and then how they disappointed me (with little notes about how I don't mean to be rude and that they should look at it as constructive criticism - an issue I have yet to deal with). And how they shouldn't provide the online credit card-using-book-buying facility if they're not ever planning on selling me the book anyway.
And to just give me a refund already though I'd prefer just getting the book.

I also added that I was excited to shop online instead of having to go to the store where their salespeople are as clueless as me about finding the books. And where I end up spending 5 minutes saying P for parrot, E for elephant.

I ended with how I am not even an avid reader (at all) but was really looking forward to reading this book.

Was it impactful?
I got a phonecall 2 days ago and e-mail yesterday telling me that I'm receiving my book today.

India - a country where the zebra crossing is still nothing more than a design on the street - Is it really ready to enter the wonderful world of Online shopping? I think not.
Do I still want my book? Sort of.
Do I still need it?
Well, you answer that for me.

It's called Bossypants.

Update: I finally received my book today. Its the 2nd of July. It's taken a month to get to me but it's alright. I'm on page 12 already and I'm loving it. Tina Fey seems to be an exaggerated version of super honest me who doesn't care about being politically correct. Maybe she also finds it too time consuming.


GIRIJA said...

Why are you even ordering from anyone else but They're the best. Zero shipping and delivery within 3 days or max 5. Pretty amazing.

Neha Kamath said...

I never really order books online so didn't know.
And I saw a good discount on crossword so went for it.

I usually order random things I really don't need.

Btw is flipkart paying you for that comment? :P

GIRIJA said...

Haha! No way. I wish they did tho'. We order stuff in office all the time. The big advertising books that aren't even available here. They're pretty efficient that way.

Neha Kamath said...

Ok. Sounds good. Will check it out.
I love that I could feel better about my book reaching me so late by bitching about Crossword on my blog.
I wish I got paid to do this.

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