Friday, June 10, 2011

Hugged by a black cat

My day started in a not so good way.
With AC repair guy (who didn't fix anything).
Followed by Apple service guy (who changed my whole hard disk).
A quick mango break to ease the pain of technology breakdown (4 mangoes makes that happen).
Followed by internet guy (changed my modem because the lightning blew it up).
Followed by Apple guy (who came to tell me he has to change my motherboard next week).

Now Apple service is awesome. Never has anyone followed up like that.
Apple guy - not so awesome. He dirtied my screen from the inside (genius!) and now I have to wait for him to re-visit just to open my screen for quick cleaning.

If all this wasn't bad enough, while eating lunch, a tiny piece of papad got jammed into the roof of my mouth. I'm not being a drama queen but papad felt more like a knife. I couldn't really help myself for a very long time after trying to stick the torch in my mouth and be my own dentist. I was contemplating pulling out my 4 front teeth (more realistically, taking a strong painkiller). But, it was hard to help myself with tears rolling down my face while my grandmother thought it was the funniest thing she has seen all day.
Then, one of my doctor friends came to my rescue. Relief!

I am so angry with papad. Never eating it again.

It feels like today is just not my day.
I don't know if I believe in black cats crossing my path as unlucky.
But, honestly it feels like the black cat decided to give me a big hug this morning.

my own exaggerated superstition
I did manage to have an invigorating Yoga class which seemed to be the turning point of my day.
Maybe the countless up-dogs and down-dogs scared the cat away.

Hoping Hakkasan is the happy ending to my non-fairtytale like day.

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