Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To me, my father was and will always be the greatest father that ever existed.

He was more like me than anyone else I've ever met. So, obviously I thought he was awesome.
Our extent of laziness, love for movies, unhealthy food & drink and our sense of humour was very alike.
His idea of a treasure hunt was hiding a coin in his big belly button while he watched TV and I sweated it out hunting around the entire room for it.
We had a mutual agreement to scratch each other's backs. Literally. True story.
While he was around, I even liked the smell of cigarettes. Buying him an ashtray for his birthday though wasn't very appreciated by my mother.
We'd do crosswords together. And compete and see who could solve the 9 letter word sooner. 
He loved reading and could answer my every question. I always wondered how his brain could hold in that much information. I called him my human dictionary.
He taught me how to draw shadowy letters and I loved how he'd write stuff in CAPS and then add serifs later.
His love for gadgets rubbed off on my sister and me.
He spoke a different language with original words like TIK TOK (remote control) and DIK DIC (Do I Know Do I Care). 
He taught me manners. Good and bad.
Told me I'd turn into Jack Nicholson from As Good as it gets when I'd get older if I didn't change my OCD behaviour and try acting a little more normal. This advice really seemed to work.
He had an amazing photographic memory that I was fortunate enough to inherit.

A map he drew for my sister when she learnt driving.
He showed us love in so many ways.
He'd comb my sister's hair before school when she'd feel like she's having a bad hair day.
He'd help out with school projects and be present at every school event.
He created my first email account for me 15 years ago. It's hotmail but I can't seem to part with it.
He'd actually hunt for things we'd ask him to get us when he'd go on business trips. We'd submit lists with items like clothes, music CDs, acetone-free nailpolish remover, paintbrushes, blue hair mascara, ginger preserve and a variety of cheeses. And when he'd return, it always felt like Christmas.
He had his own lyrics for Alane which I learnt to sing with him. According to him it started with chal mere sung.
He was all about surprises.
He bought me my first cellphone for my 16th birthday and when I got my first call I realised he had set the Happy Birthday tune as my ringtone. I felt the love in the details.

He didn't want my sister or me to marry till we were 35 so he could have us around for longer.
I read something funny the other day: Noone will ever love you as much as your dad, so marry for money.
Reminds me of some of the conversations I've had with him.

He taught us never to get attached to material things.
And at the same time he taught us to enjoy the good life.

Happy Father's Day.
And Happy Birthday.

Here's one of your favourite songs.
Love you.



This has to be the sweetest love letter to any man or anyone for that matter. You make my heart collapse because it feels so heavy with emotion. You are lucky you had that. I miss you(¨,)

Neha Kamath said...

I feel very lucky to have whatever time I did have with him.
Needed to write it all down coz I'm scared about forgetting all this someday.

kritika said...

All tht i had heard about ur father u just made a vision for me to connect with..happy fathers day chotu!!

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