Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy New Year to me

It's Year No. 26 for me.

Do I feel older? Nope.
Do I look older? No no. I still get asked if I'm above 18 at movie theatres.
But am I getting older? Yes. Unfortunately I don't have a choice there.
And wiser? Umm...

I'm planning on celebrating with a glass of wine because let's face it - Life through the wine glass seems a little rosier.

So, here's some borrowed wisdom from the ilovedoodle blog. I think the work on this website is inspirational.
Spread your legs, stretch your arms and open your heart.
You will realize that you are actually a star.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming in the pond of Youth

Or so I'd like to believe.
Illustration by Grant Snider

It's the end of my 25th year.

Now what?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I loved Wednesday's Martha Graham Google Doodle by Ryan Woodward. It was the best I've seen so far.

Ryan Woodward's animation is just lovely. Simple lines that flow into each other making the movement look so effortless.

Here's another cool video. Ryan has managed to animate in the most incredible way showing a man and a woman dancing to the tune of a very sweet song.

Thought of You.

He manages to show so much emotion through simple line drawings. Watch how his fluid lines metamorphose into the human form and flow into each other to the rhythm and fall into an embrace.

Simply incredible.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarcasm or honesty?

Something I would love to have said to 98% of the people I've done any design work for.

by Graham Smith

The designer was kind enough to leave this note:
You can download the A3 JPEG version of this poster direct via Flickr, so you can throw darts at it or wipe you’re bottom with it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I've got the power

Good morning.

I'm still not sure about how I made it out of bed in one piece.

I did such a crazy yoga class yesterday.
Now I feel like I can start every sentence by raising my Power Sword or realistically speaking, by raising my arm and saying "By the power of grayskull".

I was a huge He-man fan while growing up. I pretty much had the same hairstyle as him. I watched the show everyday on TV along with the Mahabharat and have no clue what happened in either. I guess all I did was stare at the screen at He-Man's popcorn-like arms. My mother had bought my sister and me a He-man and a Skeletor toy but, I was so clueless about the show and so young and gullible that my sister actually tricked me into believing that evil Skeletor was the good guy. So, most of my childhood was spent playing with Skull faced Skeletor. My youthful innocence/ stupidity made me believe in something called trust. Oh well!

It's a good thing I grew up. 
But, what I still can't understand is why my mother didn't just buy us 2 He-man's?

But I'm not worried anymore.

I have the power.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going for the kill

Am I a fitness freak? No.
I did a handstand at yoga yesterday which felt pretty awesome.
A rush of blood to the head.
I've never joined a gym and it's been months since I've played any tennis.
The reason - My sister got engaged to her friend/ my tennis coach/ the only one who pretended to believe in my career as a tennis star.

My life has gone from


I'm going for the kill. It's war.
I'm always the one in the room bitten by mosquitoes even if there are 100 other people. I did extensive research to understand why this happens (on google). Am I unlucky? Is life that unfair? Is my blood oh so sweet à la Bella Swan?
Well, the answer is simple. We O+ve people emit some different stuff through our skin which is like dessert for the mosquitoes.

It's scary how I've begun playing with the mosquito racket like its a sport. Practising my backhand, forehand and even some volleys. Maybe ill even throw in some Monica Seles-esque screams for extra effect.

Sad. Yes.

Thank you China. You manufacture some awesome but rather questionable products.

Just trying to save the world from Dengue fever. Please don't add to my bad karma.

by ilovedoodle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Movie Talk

I watched a couple of movies recently. Here's my opinion on each of them. Why? Just trying to save the world by helping people avoid watching crappy movies and wasting 2 hours of their lives that could've been spent doing something more life changing like learning Chinese.

Pictogram Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz
Inception poster for design geeks via tumblr

Source Code
I had no idea what the movie was about or who was starring in it. According to me that's the perfect way to watch a movie -  not influenced by trailers, friends or critics. The movie was definitely good. It was like Inception but in this case even people other than Christopher Nolan can understand the plot.

Dum Maaro Dum
Ok, so I generally am not a fan of Bollywood movies since I'm not into slapstick or movies inspired by Hollywood movies.
But, this one was pretty good. Good story, performances and its shot pretty well too.
And Rana Duggabatti/ Daggubatti / Agarbatti - whatever his name is, is pretty hot.
What I can't seem to understand is why Abhishek Bachchan insists on doing a rap song randomly in the middle of the movie with his very yo dance steps.

Eat Pray Love
If you've been reading my blog you will know that that's the last book I tried reading. I only finished Eat. Wasn't ready for Pray or Love. Finally rented the DVD and it was ooook. Seemed to be slower than reading the book. Nice story overall with the happy ending etc. Was pretty disappointed with the way India was shown - as the poor, dirty, overcrowded country where "you shouldn't touch anything but yourself". I guess even Italy and Bali have their dirty little corners but Liz Gilbert didn't really bother to explore those areas.

Water for Elephants
Umm. Highly stupid movie. Silly story and not even enough romance. Blah! What got me through it was Robert Pattinson's good looks. He's a good combination of manly and gay which seems to work for me.
After the movie this was the conversation between my sister, Aku & my friend, Mallika:

A : So, who was in this elephant movie? I thought it was animated.
M : Laura Witherspoon (Mallika being silly after just having wikied Reese Witherspoon and learning that that's her first name).
A : Is that Reese Witherspoon's real name? And why would you even know that?
M : You didn't know that?
A : So, do you know what Brad Pitt's real name is? (Aku trying to show off her Hollywood knowledge)
M : Yea, its Arm but obviously he couldn't use that.

Now imagine if that was true.

It's actually William.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And it was all Yellow

Yellow seems to be my favourite colour right now & I seem to be loving everything yellow.

When I think yellow, I think Mango. It seems to be my breakfast, lunch, tea-time snack, dinner and dessert at the moment. It also makes great drinks. It's pretty surprising then how I'm not looking jaundiced yet.

They Draw & Cook

I sometimes wake up and just sniff it and feel like I get a high. Yes, I need to go to Mango rehab.
afternoon photography by me
But, our one month mango season is just wrong. So I'm eating enough to keep me going for the next 11 months.

Once it starts raining which marks the end of the mango season, I'll switch back to cheese.
Cheese is my comfort food. It wins the race to my stomach very often though chocolate seems to be a tough competitor. Maybe I will holiday in Switzerland some day and visit the shrines. And no, I am not a Yash Chopra fan. It's my dream to visit a cheese factory some day and go nuts.

Google image
Cheese makes the impossible possible. When I find something inedible, I just camouflage it with cheese and voilà, its edible.

I could go on. But, I too hungry to start my paragraph on custard.

I'll leave you with a drawing I did 2 years ago.
So in life, when in doubt, Go with the Yellow.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happily Ever After?

The whole world watched the Royal wedding on Friday, 29th April.
The Royal wedding which I think some people thought was the Derby or a hat contest.

Will & Kate bookmark

I spent too many hours in front of the TV waiting for Will & Kate to say their I Do's.
It started with an extremely silly TV show on BBC about a couple of Royal family obsessed Americans wearing fake copycat engagement rings and other ridiculous stuff doing different tasks to win some Royal wedding memorabilia. Ok, so I'm not all that different from them. I asked my friend, Shivani to bring me a silly wedding souvenir when she visited London recently. She got me a bookmark.
What can I say? I love souvenirs.

The dress

Then there was the pre-wedding show where a panel of experts - fashionistas, uninvited friends, people with opinions discussed important issues such as Who will Kate be wearing?
Would it be a McQueen gown, or something by Temperly, Libelula or then Issa worn by Kate in her engagement photos.

At 10 am the members of the Royal family and the Middleton family began their journey to Westminster Abbey. The Queen looked like a cute little yellow square box. I guess that's not a compliment. Kate's mother seemed underdressed as compared to what my mother wore to my sister's wedding.
Perfect Pippa
The itinerary was followed to perfection. 2 billion people were said to have watched as Kate made her way in her Sarah Burton gown in a Rolls Royce.
The gown was just perfect. People said it reminded them of Grace Kelly. But Kate was Kate.

As she walked into Westminster Abbey, one could see Harry whispering and informing Prince William about Kate's arrival with a smile. I think I even had a tear in my eye. Or maybe that's because I had too much water and there were no commercials during the Royal wedding which didn't give me time for a pee break.

Watching it all happen on TV I thought to myself this couldn't have been more of a fairytale-like story.

  • Starring Kate as the 'Cinderella' of the story who married her Prince (oh-so) charming, William.
  • In another McQueen dress was her stunt double - Pippa Middleton. Now she had everything in place - the dress, the décolletage and the derrière.
  • They had a grand wedding attended by all the people (including the Beckhams, Elton John & Guy Ritchie).
  • Would Camilla be evil stepmother material? Umm...
  • The 2 weird sisters definitely were Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice. No idea what they were thinking wearing that.
  • They left in a horse drawn carriage and finally it all ended with a kiss. Actually 2 kisses.

Will they live happily ever after? I hope so.
Look at the little bridesmaid
So what about the happy ending to this fairytale then?

Well, there sort of is one.
Osama, the bad guy was killed today (or so they say) which seems to complete this perfect story in a totally non-related way.

I'm going to celebrate with some Jam soon.
Yes some Jam (hopefully with strawberry chunks in it).
Shivani, my traveling friend has got me strawberry jam from Mahabaleshwar.

A souvenir here. A gift there. Friendship is a beautiful thing.

And the world is a happy place again.

Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.
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