Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And it was all Yellow

Yellow seems to be my favourite colour right now & I seem to be loving everything yellow.

When I think yellow, I think Mango. It seems to be my breakfast, lunch, tea-time snack, dinner and dessert at the moment. It also makes great drinks. It's pretty surprising then how I'm not looking jaundiced yet.

They Draw & Cook

I sometimes wake up and just sniff it and feel like I get a high. Yes, I need to go to Mango rehab.
afternoon photography by me
But, our one month mango season is just wrong. So I'm eating enough to keep me going for the next 11 months.

Once it starts raining which marks the end of the mango season, I'll switch back to cheese.
Cheese is my comfort food. It wins the race to my stomach very often though chocolate seems to be a tough competitor. Maybe I will holiday in Switzerland some day and visit the shrines. And no, I am not a Yash Chopra fan. It's my dream to visit a cheese factory some day and go nuts.

Google image
Cheese makes the impossible possible. When I find something inedible, I just camouflage it with cheese and voilĂ , its edible.

I could go on. But, I too hungry to start my paragraph on custard.

I'll leave you with a drawing I did 2 years ago.
So in life, when in doubt, Go with the Yellow.

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