Thursday, May 12, 2011

I've got the power

Good morning.

I'm still not sure about how I made it out of bed in one piece.

I did such a crazy yoga class yesterday.
Now I feel like I can start every sentence by raising my Power Sword or realistically speaking, by raising my arm and saying "By the power of grayskull".

I was a huge He-man fan while growing up. I pretty much had the same hairstyle as him. I watched the show everyday on TV along with the Mahabharat and have no clue what happened in either. I guess all I did was stare at the screen at He-Man's popcorn-like arms. My mother had bought my sister and me a He-man and a Skeletor toy but, I was so clueless about the show and so young and gullible that my sister actually tricked me into believing that evil Skeletor was the good guy. So, most of my childhood was spent playing with Skull faced Skeletor. My youthful innocence/ stupidity made me believe in something called trust. Oh well!

It's a good thing I grew up. 
But, what I still can't understand is why my mother didn't just buy us 2 He-man's?

But I'm not worried anymore.

I have the power.

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