Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I have a new obsession. Seeds.
Yes, you read that correctly. I love seeds.

I have been munching on pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and even lotus seeds.
They're supposed to be quite healthy.
Disclaimer: If you go crazy eating too many of them like me and can't manage doing things in moderation, you can get fat.

I think that if I manage to drink enough water, get some sun and give my tummy some TLC, I may just start to look like I'm a part of a Van Gogh or maybe even like a Monet (from a distance).

So, if you're celebrating Halloween and thinking of going pumpkin shopping, pay me a visit.

And get a sunflower and lotus free.

Happy Halloween!
calendar by Anne Geddes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finders Keepers

If Samsung can be sued by Apple,

Can Apple be sued by Piccaso?

Picasso's Two Characters as my Desktop Wallpaper.
Does anything look familiar?
Do we call this inspired or pure coincidence?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Calm and Eat Cake

Times of India, 18 October 2012

I read this article a few days ago.
I found it extremely funny that someone writes such articles.
And the picture is hilarious. I will take one just like it on my next birthday. Just because...

But then I realised half the points mentioned apply to me.
I won't tell you which ones but I suppose it means I'm halfway there.

I had a minor panic attack and then I found multiple ways to relax.
1. By trying to meditate the 21st century way with
2. By watching Cats bounce.
3. Or just by showering myself with compliments.

I'd go with No.3. And you can just keep them coming.
If you're desperate and own a Mac, block the text and right click it and hit 'Start Speaking'.
And when you're satisfied you can make a poster of it. Genius!
via piccsy

Relaxing solutions via SwissMiss.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

App Love

If you didn't love the iPhone enough already, here's one more reason to love it.

My friend, Mallika introduced me to one of the greatest inventions of all time - The Ultrasonic Repeller App.

This App uses ultrasound to keep mosquitoes and whole bunch of other stuff away.
With my 'Oh so positive' blood type, I can never fall into the category of Once bitten twice shy.
Unfortunately for me it's always been Once bitten always bitten.

But, that's about to change now that I'm armed with my Ultrasonic Repeller.
So, from now on as long as my phone is charged, I will be walking with an air of confidence when surrounded by insects, rodents, dogs and even people!

Ok, so I'm not so sure about the people part but it sounds good enough anyway.

And it's free!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

If Yan can cook...

Yesterday's blogpost made me feel a little guilty.
You know - the regular animal eating guilt.

And then I came up with my own Recipe since apparently Guilt makes the heart grow creativity.
So here it is!

Food that tastes like meat but isn't!

The masterpiece we are trying to recreate: Salami on Toast.

The cheap knockoff: Feta + a little Dijon mustard on Toast.

If I had to explain it the Masterchef way, I'd say "Ooh, it's got that right amount of saltiness and acidity. And the mustard gives it that extra punch. It's just got the perfect balance. Well done!"
And in George Calombaris' words Yum! Yum! Yum!

It seems to work for me!

Clearly that was not much of a Recipe, but I believe If Yan can cook, So can I!



Watch this space for more culinary adventures.

Friday, October 26, 2012


For the past couple of months my sister and I have been calling ourselves vegetarians for some reason when we are clearly NOT.

I feel like a big fat hypocrite when on the one hand I think about how killing animals is so cruel and on the other hand enjoy many meals where these very same animals are well, the main ingredient.

Since the only non-vegetarian food I eat is chicken and seafood, in my defense I say well chickens are sort of bred for slaughter (I know. I am Cruella De Vil's evil twin) and anything that swims ought to swim faster if it doesn't want to be eaten by me.

Whereas my sister truly believes that she has become a complete vegetarian even when her mouth is watering while watching the Masterchef contestants barbecuing meat.

These days she reminds me of Alex, the lion from Madagascar who's hunting and meat craving nature begins to show when sent out into the wild. I am a bit worried.

I on the other hand stopped eating goats and animals larger than goats when I was a child. *
My explanation: It makes me feel like I'm eating a pet.
My explanation according to my family: Goats walk on the road. So I don't eat them.
Well, I was a weird little child so it's not completely unbelievable that I said that.
And who knows, maybe I told myself chickens walked on clouds.

* Except when it's circular and rhymes with Palami.**
**Palami is a made up word.

Monday, October 1, 2012

La la la la la

I was woken up this morning by my dear sister to confirm and fully understand the lyrics of a Bollywood item number while I was in pirate mode.*

My sister, Aku loves to sing and dance at any time of the day. She could be eating breakfast, watching TV or even at work and is completely oblivious to whatever's happening around her while she's performing.

She has done such things like pirouette into a room singing a tacky deodorant jingle.

But today she decided to wake me up to ask me why Katrina Kaif sings:
Aayi Chikni chameli
Something some-eli
Kawwa chadha ke aayi.

So that's what she's been singing for the past few months.
And all of a sudden today she decided to ask me why gyrating Katrina helped a crow climb up - which is what I'm guessing Kawwa chadha ke aayi means.

I burst out laughing and then this is how our conversation went:
Me: It's not Kawwa. It's Mahua.
Aku: Isn't Mahua a flower?
Me (with a lot of confidence): No silly, it's a honey flavoured alcohol (whatever that is).
Aku: Oh ok.
Me: How does Kawwa chadha ke aayi make any sense? Especially when she's making a drinking action.

Shes actually singing Pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi.

Clearly my Hindi isn't very good.
And neither are my listening skills.
After all I am known to sing my own lyrics all the time.

In the past I have confidently sung:
Don't Cry for me Argentina.
The truth is I never loved (left) you.

Then there were times when I was channeling my inner Columbus and sang:
I believe I've found America (a miracle) in you.

And then ofcourse there was Alane.
Here I just sang some crap through the entire song.

I'm sure Madonna, Michael Learns to Rock and Wes wouldn't be too happy about that.
I think i should just stick to singing la la la la la when I don't know the words.

* Every morning for about an hour after I wake up I only open one eye at a time because both eyes is just too hard. I check my emails and read the enwspaper in this half awake-half asleep state that makes me resemble a pirate.
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