Monday, October 1, 2012

La la la la la

I was woken up this morning by my dear sister to confirm and fully understand the lyrics of a Bollywood item number while I was in pirate mode.*

My sister, Aku loves to sing and dance at any time of the day. She could be eating breakfast, watching TV or even at work and is completely oblivious to whatever's happening around her while she's performing.

She has done such things like pirouette into a room singing a tacky deodorant jingle.

But today she decided to wake me up to ask me why Katrina Kaif sings:
Aayi Chikni chameli
Something some-eli
Kawwa chadha ke aayi.

So that's what she's been singing for the past few months.
And all of a sudden today she decided to ask me why gyrating Katrina helped a crow climb up - which is what I'm guessing Kawwa chadha ke aayi means.

I burst out laughing and then this is how our conversation went:
Me: It's not Kawwa. It's Mahua.
Aku: Isn't Mahua a flower?
Me (with a lot of confidence): No silly, it's a honey flavoured alcohol (whatever that is).
Aku: Oh ok.
Me: How does Kawwa chadha ke aayi make any sense? Especially when she's making a drinking action.

Shes actually singing Pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi.

Clearly my Hindi isn't very good.
And neither are my listening skills.
After all I am known to sing my own lyrics all the time.

In the past I have confidently sung:
Don't Cry for me Argentina.
The truth is I never loved (left) you.

Then there were times when I was channeling my inner Columbus and sang:
I believe I've found America (a miracle) in you.

And then ofcourse there was Alane.
Here I just sang some crap through the entire song.

I'm sure Madonna, Michael Learns to Rock and Wes wouldn't be too happy about that.
I think i should just stick to singing la la la la la when I don't know the words.

* Every morning for about an hour after I wake up I only open one eye at a time because both eyes is just too hard. I check my emails and read the enwspaper in this half awake-half asleep state that makes me resemble a pirate.

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