Saturday, August 4, 2012

Looks Do Matter

For some reason I always thought of The Times of India to be a serious newspaper.
And then I read this article and I didn't know whether to feel happy about next year or wonder how many people waste their lives doing such pointless surveys.

The Times of India, 25 July 2012
[Click here for the full article]
Will I feel sexiest next year?
Or is it just rubbish used to fill in newspaper pages and give hope to girls nearing their 30s?
Will I go back to regular girl mode at 29?

I don't see much changing in my life by next year.
I'll most probably turn vegetarian (besides when I eat Chinese food ofcourse. I can't ever see myself ordering a Paneer Manchurian unfortunately).

But I couldn't help but wonder who (in London) actually seriously sat down and wrote this article like it was information that people needed to have.
Whoever you are, thanks for making me laugh. It was a fun read!

The best part is the last paragraph which talks about the most inspiring female figures being:
1. Kate Middleton
2. Florence Nightingale
3. Marilyn Monroe
in that order.
What kind of a weird group of girls did they find for this survey?

For the moral of this story read the caption under the photo.

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Jayant said...

with all due respect to your judgement,I could never consider Times of India as a genuine newspaper. The reason being, it doesn't serve the purpose of one, i.e. print national news! (it is expected when they call themselves a leading national daily, isn't it?)
When a newspaper has surveys/articles like "couples have sex more often in winters than summers" on their first page, you know there's little right with the newspaper.

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