Friday, October 26, 2012


For the past couple of months my sister and I have been calling ourselves vegetarians for some reason when we are clearly NOT.

I feel like a big fat hypocrite when on the one hand I think about how killing animals is so cruel and on the other hand enjoy many meals where these very same animals are well, the main ingredient.

Since the only non-vegetarian food I eat is chicken and seafood, in my defense I say well chickens are sort of bred for slaughter (I know. I am Cruella De Vil's evil twin) and anything that swims ought to swim faster if it doesn't want to be eaten by me.

Whereas my sister truly believes that she has become a complete vegetarian even when her mouth is watering while watching the Masterchef contestants barbecuing meat.

These days she reminds me of Alex, the lion from Madagascar who's hunting and meat craving nature begins to show when sent out into the wild. I am a bit worried.

I on the other hand stopped eating goats and animals larger than goats when I was a child. *
My explanation: It makes me feel like I'm eating a pet.
My explanation according to my family: Goats walk on the road. So I don't eat them.
Well, I was a weird little child so it's not completely unbelievable that I said that.
And who knows, maybe I told myself chickens walked on clouds.

* Except when it's circular and rhymes with Palami.**
**Palami is a made up word.

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