Friday, June 17, 2011


What do you find disturbing? We go about our lives without noticing so many weird things just because it's so a part of our lives.
Here are a few things that pop up in my head that I have neatly compartmentalised in one corner of my brain as weird.

photo by Stylestyx
- Little girls in shampoo ads with super shiny long hair. Annoying perfection.

- Transparent bra straps. They are transparent, not invisible.

- Men holding hands and walking down the streets. Explain.

- Little girls dancing to item songs on TV in dance contests wearing skimpy outfits and heels. Encourage?

- People who say pilaf and sherbet. Learn to speak "Indian".

- Men scratching their ahem like its as normal as saying hello. Goodbye.

- Cricketers adjusting their ahem in the middle of the field like noone's watching. Millions are watching.

- Little kids in China wearing pants with open slits on their bums so they can do their business immediately anytime anywhere. Heard of diapers?

- People kissing their children or pets on the mouth. Double eeks.

- People expecting you to be as obsessed about their pets as they are. They're nothing more than a Tamagotchi for me.

- Parents walking their children with a leash. The future?

- Men with such big muscles that their arms don't touch their sides. I can't touch my tongue to my nose. Ok, that's not the same. I'm normal. You're not.

- Men with boobs bigger than mine. Stop giving me a complex.

- Bollywood stars suddenly getting American accents and rolling their r's. Looking forward to your British accent on BBC.

- People licking their fingers to help them turn pages. You know who you are.

- Low-waist jeans showing off your buttcrack. Really not classy.

- Dreadlocks. There are other ways to look dirty. Just roll in the mud.

- Everyone calling everyone hot in their Facebook photos. Get a life.

via Chopcow.

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