Monday, August 2, 2010

As cool as a 25 yr old cucumber

The last three days for me have all ended in a similar fashion. Been getting home late and been having to wake up the watchman in my building every night so he can unlock the gate for me. I have had such mixed feelings of guilt (for waking up the guy) & anger (cause it's his job to be awake).

Here's a quick summary of what I did this weekend. Not that its super exciting or anything. I've become old.

Last night I met up with friends. It's always fun catching up. And I didn't even need alcohol to kill boredom like I usually do these days.
There were a couple of us. Each with a different story.

One of them was busy plotting about how to get back at a friend for cutting the twirly ends of his Spanish-Rajasthani looking moustache while he was sleeping at his place. After a long rickshaw ride to Versova, he came up with the idea of sticking chewing gum on his friends silky hair. 
Reasons: its cheap, will successfully cause the same amount of pain and can be consumed and enjoyed before project revenge takes off.

Another was plotting against a client who was surely out to cheat her. Her plan is too gross to disclose. I don't know how such ideas even come to her mind. Just last week I taught her all about Yoga breathing but I guess that doesn't exactly put you in a peaceful place. She also tells dead baby jokes and learns Ninjitsu.

Then there was the friend who's house we met at. She is currently researching about snakes in India. She has the snake stick thing and everything. She also carries a pepper spray but I'm guessing that's not for the snakes.

Then there was her boyfriend who was busy studying and her dog who looked petrified after being chased by some of us with balloons.

Then there was my ex-boyfriend. And it was non-awkward. Super!

And then there was me. The one who occasionally looks 2 months pregnant cause she's not afraid of cheese and other such delightful things.

The perfect cocktail for a fun night.

This was a weird one. Wanted to just hang out so ended up at Novotel Hotel in Juhu which is usually really nice and relaxed. But, last Saturday there happened to be some sort of event there. It looked like all the trash of the world united for a yearly convention. I could only best describe it as a Madhur Bhandarkar movie.

Then we moved to Vie Lounge, also in Juhu, which for some reason was described to us as happening more than once by the bouncer.

Since I'm not so happening anymore we then moved on to Aurus.

One Pinacolada later I was buzzing and happy to go to bed.

This was really something. Something I had looked forward to and planned towards for weeks. It was the day Eclipse finally released in Bombay. I went with 2 immature 20 something yr olds. We booked our tickets in advance and even reached 20 minutes early - something that pretty much never happens. We hung around outside hoping that the children who were going for the movie wouldn't look us and judge us. We expected this cause the Twilight books are kept in the children's section in bookstores.

Now something you must know is that Twilight cannot be judged like how other movies are judged. It's pretty unreal in a way, like kid's ballroom competitions on BBC.
So, Bella looks really weird with a wig. Not quite sure about why she's wearing one unless she pulled a Britney though doubt it. Something about not being able to see her scalp seemed very disturbing.
The vampire guy - Edward is made to look pretty, in a Queen Victoria sort of way - same makeup. But I find him hot even with his white face and maroon lips.
The other guy - Jacob, the werewolf is according to me atleast not so pretty but he's not wearing his shirt for pretty much the entire movie which is great cause it acts as a distraction and makes you not focus on his chic-chic-Chiclets teeth. Those pearly whites are just too much to handle.
But this topless act for some reason made all the girls in the theatre scream and clap loudly like cheap Indian men screaming in Gaiety-Galaxy when Mallika Sherawat makes out with Emraan Hashmi or just basically flaunts her boobs.
Now surprisingly there were also quite a few men in the theatre, one of whom actually shouted loudly at a girl who was talking and giggiling too loudly that made him tell her to keep it down or just go home. Okay man RELAX! Now that was definitely weird. According to me the Twilight Saga is a set of chick flicks. I would only let my boyfriend watch it if I had to drag him to the theatre.

Anyway, it was quite the entertainer. I have already wikied and been informed in detail about Breaking Dawn from a friend and am loving the weirdness. So much to look forward to.

Am I only as cool as a cucumber? Have I become as boring as salad?

Just kidding. I'm still fabulous :D

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