Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday

It’s a very happy Sunday for me. More on that later.

Last night I went to The Comedy Store with some friends. I was all ready to wear this dress with cats all over it. Aku told me I was just asking for trouble. So just went in my ‘forever-backup’ outfit of tights and a top.

It was a fun night. And a fun show. After 2 appletinis I don’t think I could’ve cared about cat-related jokes.

Do I buy such clothes because I’m an animal lover? I'm not a leopard print wearing girl for sure. But I just love this dress.

I am not the extreme fight for animal rights kind of person but I do love animals. I got loads of proof on my phone. This is just some of it. 

Have a look

Meet Keisha – the laziest but kindest dog.
So peaceful, you may think she’s been meditating all her life. Well, she is actually on a permanent vacation.
Or she’s just busy enjoying the good life in Shimla.

This is Mitoo. I’ve never actually met her but she sounds like a person. A bit intimidating.

And Arthur. Who comes by my window while I eat breakfast. And flies away after his daily dose of gossip.

And George – the friendly neighbourhood snail. I saw him a week ago at Turner Road. I’m guessing he’s still there.

<-- A reason to go find him again.

Meet Tina, Mina and Rina. Enjoying their weekly kitty party.


And Caesar and Cleopatra looking beautiful as always. They make it look so effortless.

And when they don't behave themselves, I serve them to my friends.

Just kidding. Not to worry. Just a distant cousin.

And Nemo, and Dora and nemo’s stunt doubles (Nemo I, Nemo II & Nemo III)

Again, a great meal!
For umm...Gerard.


And this is Tiger, my sweet dog in Gorai. Confused about his identity that he spends his days doing Yoga for peace and relaxation.

Stockings by Les Queues de Sardines
Would I be going overboard with the animal love if I got these?

Disclaimer: All names and characters in this blog are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any animal living or dead.

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