Friday, June 25, 2010

Bubble full of thoughts

by Zara Picken
I've been wondering about a lot of things lately.

Not just the general stuff like Who is God and If there is a magic mirror that reflects the same thing that's going on in our universe but maybe in an animated version on the other side?

I have been wondering about why my friends who I believed were so loyal are now reading other blogs. Traitors! One is reading about someone in Spain. How blah! The other is reading about food. Double blaah! Another accidently started reading a blog by a Neha Kamat (so not the same without the h in the end) and another has started his own blog. What is going on? Seriously!

Today I feel like a bubble. A bubble full of thoughts aka a thought bubble. Making any sense?

Here's some stuff I've been wondering about. Some of it I'll probably never have answers for.
  • Will I ever be done eating God's own fruit, The Mango? (Even after Katrina tarnished its image in the Slice 'Aam Sutra' ad with the mango juice falling on her botoxed lips.)
  • Will I ever be good enough for So you think you can dance? If I make the cut will I with my Indian upbringing be able to show my underwear while I dance every week till I get voted off or win?
  • Will I ever learn to tighten my abs without just taking a deep breath? I still can't figure out how people do it.
  • Why all girls find the need to dance like Shakira when her songs are played. Hip/ salsa movements for Hips don't lie and shoulder - chest movements for Waka Waka.
  • Why they bother making non-waterproof bandaids.
  • Why they advertise for ENO in pineapple flavour on TV. Really Why?
  • When Justin Beiber's voice will crack.
  • If having a haircut is really the best way to kill boredom.
  • How cows give enough milk for people all over the world to drink. Are there so many cows? Are they in hiding? How do they do it? Aku explained that its just their job like how she goes to the bank everyday. So that clears that up.
  • How anyone can tweet. How do you say anything in 140 characters? To add to that now people have begun to talk about stuff like Tweetiquette. That's just adding to the pressure.
  • Why people say I was so inspired by blah blah when they just copied blah blah. 
  • Do I have a type? I've had all of 2 boyfriends and all they had in common was their optician. So need to figure out my type so I can focus my energy on those boys and get to know/stalk them. (Notice how I said boys and not men. Yes I am still so so young.)
  • Why the prettiest tops at Mango are so transparent. If I wore any of them calling me a tease would be an understatement.
  • Why people wear buttons when there's elastic everything. I think its time someone designed a restaurant line instead of resort/ swimwear collections. I need stretchy clothes when I go eat at restaurants.
  • How anyone can eat pineapple and ham sandwiches. It sounds nearly as bad as peanut butter and jam. Is that meant to be a fusion snack? My idea of fusion food is papad and cheese. Actually I'll eat anything with cheese on it.
  • Why noone but me thinks that I have so much musical talent. I can hum song tunes so well that you'd think you're listening to Miles Davis. I also don't yawn. I Yanni. And I like to call myself a snorprano cause I think I snore like a Soprano.
  • If I buy an HCL computer will I get a Mr. HCL to run errands for me?
  • Why I get so influenced by advertising. I have watched many of those 30 minutes commercials by Guthy Renker more than once. 
I have bought ProActiv even though I have clear skin but I would recommend it for those who need it. I have used it for spot treatment once. Works better than toothpaste.
I also bought Sheer Cover. This ones really good. I only put some makeup on for weddings so have used it once this year for the one wedding that I have attended. And even though I didn't go for a 40 minute jog at the wedding, my makeup was still intact as promised.
I think I buy it cause its not 6999. And no, it's not even 5999. Or 4999. But for the reduced price of only 3999 for the first 500 callers. And I fall for that. Dammit!
I luckily didn't buy Zumba fitness though it looked like a lot of fun. Aku stopped me in time.
And Mallika informed me about the bad reviews that Meaningful Beauty got so I guess I'm not falling for what Cindy Crawford and Dr. Sebagh (of Paris) had to say.
  • If I sleep for 24 hours will I get white circles around my eyes?
  • Why a walnut disturbingly looks like a brain.
  • Why chemists & wine shops sell you stuff in black plastic bags like you're buying something that's illegal.
  • If my little experiment of taking pictures through a door viewer is ever going to be anything like taking pictures through a fish-eye lens.
  • Why someone was stupid enough to invent vodka eyeballing.
  • If I will ever teach English in Japan.
  • Why Pooja Bedi decided to pull a Marilyn in Pehla Nasha in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.
  • Why Movie stars don't finish doing all their plastic surgery before their first movie. It just makes it too obvious. And then they deny it. Shruti Hasan atleast admitted to the nose job. Bravo! But then it was because of a deviated septum. Who are you kidding?
  • If Nigella Lawson is famous for her boobs or her 'mixing from the tins' recipes.
  • Why Bollywood stars put on an American accent after becoming famous. And maybe even a British accent if they're on BBC.
  • If the 5 second rule of eating food within 5 seconds from falling on the floor applies to all surfaces.
  • And lastly, Why don't I get paid to do this?
Hoping to find some answers this weekend along with some R & R. 

Carpe Diem! (Cause I wanted to end in Latin)

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