Friday, June 18, 2010

Television in the time of (well, not cholera)

Hello again. How goes it? Not so good for me. Been ill this week. Probably cause I'm too lazy to drink water which ends up always giving me a truckload of problems every now and then. So been spending my time watching Magic shows on tv while sipping on a tall glass of Electral. Is it salty? Or sweet? Its like a dilemma in my mouth. The amount that I've had of it, I could start drinking it like Wine - take in the delicate aroma, swirl it and drink. Now that's not what I actually do cause I think I'd look a bit funny. But, maybe someday I'll do the whole act followed by 'Oh, what an interesting bouquet!'

With the illness I've been pretty weak. Not been able to move around much. So positioned myself in front of the TV for 2 whole days. Poor me! What a tough life I do lead. 
Surprisingly not watched even one match in the World Cup yet. Not really a football fan but I'm sure it would be fun to watch. Maybe it's time to get ESPN especially if Shakira's going to Waka Waka at the closing ceremony. Unfortunately, we don't subscribe to the sports package since we are 4 women at home who mainly end up watching chick flicks, game shows, cooking and detective shows.

But, what fascinates me most of all are reality shows. I love watching them to see just how far people will go for money. I'll watch anything at all. Stuff that usually freaks me out suddenly becomes a great dinner time tv show. Like Fear Factor. They could be eating worms or be covered with mice and I could be enjoying a plate full of noodles and even have a smile on my face.

The last 2 days I focused all my energy on Magic shows after which it was the Nancy drew movie, after which it was Grey's Anatomy and Castle
McDreamy nearly died and so did Nikki Heat. Drama drama drama! I watched both shows from 10 pm to 11 pm last night. Don't ask how. It takes some real talent. You have to keep switching channels in the break and take important decisions like which portions of the show can be skipped. Phew! (That's a word I always feel like saying but I could never actually say it since it sounds very funny).

Anyway yesterday was sort of recovery day so celebrated that by getting myself a new pair of running shoes even though I can't remember the last time I ran. I got a cool black pair from Adidas which I think give me a serious and dangerous look. While deciding whether to buy them I kept wondering whether I look too dangerous and like I'm planning on robbing a bank since all I was going for was a 'don't mess with me' look while walking/ running. I nearly didn't buy them cause I couldn't stand thinking of having to come home and get rid of my 8 yr old pair which is coming apart for the 2nd time. My mom wasn't going to let me get it stuck back at Bata like the last time. Anyway my new shoes happen to look like a twin of the old pair so I think I'll get over it soon. Will be taking my new pair of shoes out of the cardboard box now and then bury the old one in it. Sob sob. I think it deserves a ceremony.


Going for Raavan this evening. Will write a review when I'm bored.


In other news, I just read my weekly bpb newsletter. So, a Cinnabon has opened 2 minutes away from home. Is someone trying to test/torture me? I just thought maybe, just maybe with the new shoes I may go for a walk this evening and now when I step outside and get to the end of my road the question is... Do I take a right turn and go for a walk? Or do I take a left turn and go to Cinnabon??
Or I could walk to Cinnabon and maintain the balance of the universe.

Bpb also informed me about a new Chocolate Tasting Club. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I think its time to unsubscribe.

PS: The line across the blogpost is to divide my article, the way Shobha De does with her articles but with bullet points. It looks pretty silly right?

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Anonymous said...

So did you have a name for your old pair of shoes too?

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