Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Breakup

I was young and stupid. We were not right for each other. He probably got too much attention from the others. Everyone 'liked' him. But its time we went our separate ways. Atleast for a while. 
It happened sooner than I thought. I guess I could justify it by calling it a 3 year itch maybe.
Who knows maybe we'll get back together someday.
I broke up with Facebook.
No regrets.

Just after the breakup, it rained. Felt like a sign from the Gods.

Now that its raining and I guess this finally marks the end of summer. I'm in a mood to write some poetry.

Its raining,
Its pouring,
Dumbledore is boring,
I am an Indian unmarried girl,
But I still wear a toe ring.

I am not high. I don't do drugs. I just enjoy writing meaningless poetry that rhymes.

I'm going to install some new softwares on my computer now. Yay! Making folders and more folders gives me a high. I love organising spaces. Even if its the desktop.


anandradhakrishnan said...

Hi Chotu. Drugs, drink, breakup, poetry!!!!!!!!
I didn't realise that so much would happen after Sam. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Neha said...

I have also started smoking Phantom cigarettes.

Looks like I'm going the Lindsay way.

anandradhakrishnan said...

Phantom cigarettes!! That's major stuff!!

Anyway, I am sure that your elder sister will keep a check on your nefarious activities.

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