Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wax On, Wax Off

Its been raining pretty much all the time. I just realized that I really don't like rain. I used to think that I liked it while I sat at home but now I don't even like that. First there’s the constant change in temperature and then there's too much moisture on everything from the TV to the furniture to even my skin. Eeks! The only good thing is that it would probably be a good excuse to get myself a pair of gumboots.

I have carefully sorted my thoughts about what I feel about rain and have decided not to like it. If it were my friend on facebook, it would be deleted. Then again I have deactivated my account. I’m glad I left it when I did. I had started noticing how I’d recognize people wherever I’d go and later realize that I only know them from facebook through pictures of someone I probably stalked.

Anyway getting back to the point, I have realized that I also now don't understand people who like rain. 
No, its not fun getting wet in the rain.
No, I don't suddenly like the smell of mud. (How pretentious!)
No, everything's not become green in one day. The rain has just washed off the dust from the leaves.
And no, I don't feel the sudden urge to eat hot pakodas or drink chai.
Also, Tata Sky sucks in this season.

So, with no Tata Sky, I finally watched Shutter Island on my computer. I had no clue what it was about. The fact that it had Leo DiCaprio sold it to me. Good movie but, pretty disturbing. But a good one time watch.

I have a huge list of movies to watch. I actually have a word document cause I'm that anal about being organized that I have a file called ‘movies to watch.docx’ in my folder that I keep updating. Don't know what I’ll watch next. Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's again or Juno.

Been contemplating whether to watch the new Karate Kid movie with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but Jaden has man muscles which is just so odd since he must be barely 10 years old. Plus, I'd feel like I'm cheating on Mr. Miyagi and Daniel San.

For the past week I have been on a new non-fruit diet. By fruit I mean grape of the bottled variety. Needed a good break from the 2 drinks on the weekends. That’s about how bad it gets. Since then I have gone crazy with font downloads. Yes, font downloads. Withdrawal symptoms maybe? Read an article by Rajneesh (Osho) the other day in Bombay Times which was probably taken from his book. Was hoping it will help me get through these tough times (without bottled grape). Haha. Noticed a lot of repetition in the article. I guess that’s how it makes sense and seems to have an impact. I am not impressed.

Trying to focus my energies on healing of my body and mind. Or am I still too young for that?

Anyway I need to start somewhere. I quit yoga. Don't know how much tennis I can play in the rain.

Maybe I'll just try 'Wax on. Wax Off' a la Mr. Miyagi or Waka Waka my way through the day.

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