Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy rainy season

What a weekend!
  • It finally started raining. Everything looks clearer now when I look out of my window. I feel like I don't need glasses anymore. So looks like I won't be asking my mom to make that gajjar ka halwa after all. (That's my solution for making sure I never wear glasses cause I'd look like a moron).
  • Nadal won the French Open. No, I didn't watch. But i youtubed it. I heart Nadal.
  • My toenails which were painted black now have transparent nailpaint. Thought I'd take a break from my 'goth foot' look.
  • Had an interesting Saturday-Sunday swimming in the Arabian sea of alcohol.
  • I played such awesome tennis that I can feel pain in every bone/muscle (can't tell which it is yet) below my face. Maybe its punishment for laughing at the little kids who are made to run around the court before they play while I do a 5 second fake stretch with my racquet just to look like a serious player. So now I have to get more regular with tennis or maybe I'll just scream like Monica Seles as that seems like it would be an easier option.
  • Met up with some friends and went to Zenzi mills. I normally really don't like this place. I would like to use the word hate but Enez (my married = mature friend) told me not to use that word. Something about bad karma. So getting back to the point, I really dislike Zenzi Mills but had an awesome time there. Danced to music I would think I'd need to be on something for to enjoy. I love that I didn't. Felt like I was a part of Osho dance meditation or something. Interesting.
  • Also attended a really fun birthday brunch at Tetsuma with Shivani (my unmarried = immature friend). We planned on drinking only H2O and pretended to detox but obviously ended up doing a lot of colourful shots. After a while we were even eating prawns like we were doing shots. All this by 4pm. Had a big bonding session. Felt like we played the reverse of 'Never have I ever' with drinks first followed by 'this is what I did'. Too much info which was obviously fun. Left the party giggling away making a stop at Mad over Donuts for some weird reason. I was so brave that I got a donut that had no hole and was of the cream filled variety.
  • In other news, I'm still discovering my new computer. I'd like to dedicate John Mayer's 'Your body is a wonderland' to it. Well, maybe just the first verse. The rest seems slightly inappropriate maybe. I also got Adobe CS5. I am beyond lost. But fluid tunes makes me feel like Iron Man everyday.
Technology spins my head right round right round. Haha. I finally realised we can download Shazam on the Blackberry. Now what I called 10 track 10 for all these years finally has a name. Its Eple by Royksopp.  I even managed to sing it somehow. Have a listen.

So had an awesome weekend without facebook. Life seems like a day in the park with a rainbow in the sky. Luckily I'm not on twitter. Until a while ago I didn't exist on the World wide web. Even my facebook and blogger accounts didn't show up.
I have googled myself in my free time (cause I do have a lot of it) and till last year this is all that showed up. Look for me. Yes I am that lame.
Now there's this and even this. (You can find me in the whispering room and alcove).
How cool did I get in 2010? Anyway I will leave you to think about that as I have to go eat dinner.

painting by me.
Almost forgot.

I even painted.

After years.

So I'll leave you with today's wikiquote.

Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home.
- Gwendolyn Brooks.

Too hungry to decode that quote. 

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