Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Allo allo

Had the most amazing weekend. Was beyond crazy. 

Drove down to Gorai. It was 3 girls, a guy and no pizza place. We got into our swimsuits and lazed in the pool all day with our floating bar (where we kept our beer cans on the kickboard). Played a very funny game of 'Never have I ever'. Felt like I knew too much about my friends after that. Ran out of alcohol and went hunting for more. It was just like in the caveman days where the man did the hunting and the women chilled around the fire and probably made bangles out of animal bones to kill time, we too sent our male friend to do the beer hunting while 3 of us shamelessly sat in the car in our swimsuits and towels waiting for him. 

Even though I've been going to Gorai pretty often, I get excited about the meditation Pagoda every single time and insist on taking pictures and act like a tourist for some reason. I tell everyone how its the largest in Asia and the President came to inaugurate it. For some reason I find that to be an interesting piece of information.

Anyway after the hunting, we headed back, lazed in the pool some more, randomly got out of the pool to play some baddy, wiped out a whole vessel of prawn curry. Never thought I liked it that much but for some reason it tasted just heavenly. After all this we actually headed to my friends party in Gorai which was really fun. We drove right onto the beach. Felt like we were in a land far far away when it was only an hour away from home. While one of my friends kept chasing after chicken lollipops all night, the other was on a mission to make new Catholic friends for some reason. Everyone was beyond drunk by this point clearly. Except for me. I slid off a swing into the sandpit and began laughing till the swing hit me in my back. This sobered me up instantly.

Was a super weekend. I even learnt cycling. Im 90% ready now. Maybe 95 even. If I get a good push while starting and my cycle tyres actually have air in them then maybe I could finally cycle. Now maybe I can bring my cycle to Bombay and cycle around where I live and let people see me and cycle like I've been doing it for years. Haha. So I guess I possess a new skill now. Can I even call it a skill? I guess I could.

Few weeks ago I was in Lonavla with some friends and somewhat lost a skill I possessed. The chess playing skill. I'm pretty competitive when it comes to board games. So anyway I realised that the knight is placed on the 2nd spot on the chessboard and not the third. This made me feel like my entire childhood was a lie. Sob sob. But now I've realised that my sister never actually beat me at Chess. Woohooo!

Anyway since I got back I've watched Twilight twice. I'm obsessed with Bella's lullaby (the tune Edward plays Bella on the piano). I know its a very silly movie but that chemistry is just insane. I wouldn't mind turning into a vampire for Edward Cullen. I have seriously given it some thought and that actually is my final answer. Lock kiya jaye.

I watched Rob Pattinson on Jay Leno a while ago. I was in love. Think I'm getting a bit stalkerish.
Anyway speaking of Jay Leno, was watching his show last night. It was Kevin and the bands last night unfortunately. Colin Farrell was on. Colin minus his irish accent is a 9 on 10. With the accent he's a 6.

Hope I'm not made to do Yoga tomorrow. Aku is trying everything to get me to start Yoga again. She even mentioned paying me. Fortunately for me, the Yoga teacher sleeps even more than I do and hardly ever makes it for class.

So, goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. I don't know why I just said that but goodbye.


Akshaya said...

How dare you call Twilight a silly movie? :P

Neha said...

Others actually think that. Unbelievable but true.

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