Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy birthday week

Its been a long time since my last blog. Missed it but somehow didn't find the time since I was somewhat 'lost in procrastination'.

I have so many thoughts. Too many thoughts. So many ideas about art, decorating my house, how I could be mean to people I don't like, kill insects in a twisted way so that it doesn't add onto my bad karma and so so much more.

So aaanyway today I've decided that come what may, I'm blogging. I had a super long day that involved copying everything from my computer onto my hard drive, a lot of unplugging and cleaning and packing. And now I look as muscular as Madonna. Said a quick goodbye to my old computer (which had a name btw) and decided I'm not going to feel bad about it or get attached to anything anymore. I have cried for everything from losing a pen to selling our old Fiat which had lost 90 percent of its paint and was more brown than white. But I have something new and shiny to look forward to and till then I'm just blogging from my phone. What determination right?!

So this was birthday week. Fell on a Monday so didn't have the usual party. Had a fab dress for the first time and no chance to wear it. Dammit! Anyway wore my backup outfit. Yes I take my birthday very seriously. Mallika called herself my maid of honour on my birthday. I'm glad I've trained her well.

Started the birthday with a big fat chinese lunch. Went prepared dressed in pregnancy wear so the duck dressed in plum sauce had enough space to float around in my tummy. Followed that with a good nap and woke up all charged for some wii. Met some friends, cut a cake, made a looong wish hoping for miracles. Why not. Then went out for dinner to Pali Village Cafe with the school friends. Nice place but not all that its made out to be. Liked the unfinished look of the place but they went a tad bit overboard with it and I wasn't sure whether it was me or the walls of the restaurant that needed to get plastered. Anyway had plenty of Sangria. By the way that too gives you wings. Sorry Red bull. Had some interesting conversations which for a change didn't revolve around embarrassing me but focused more on important topics like if you're with your girlfriend/ boyfriend would you rather smell their poop or let them smell yours. Great 25th birthday dinner conversation and definitely something to think about. Its Friday and I still don't know my answer.

Anyway to summarise my birthday dinner, it was great and I was flying. Remember going to the loo and a random boy wished me happy birthday. Now I obviously don't remember him so let's just pretend that he was cute. Haha. Ended the night with random people singing the happy birthday song and dessert 'avec' sparklers. Wow I just spoke french. (Excited Mallika?)

The Sun Jar
Got some super nice gifts. Yes I'm a greedy gift lover. Muahaha.

Got some awesome shoes and clothes. Even a sun jar. A very cool jar full of sunshine that I like to sit by every night now. I also got a cool miniature alarm clock and a toast stamp with which u can emboss good morning into your toast. What a perfect way to start your day with happy toast that speaks to you. And Mallika also gifted me mulitple orgasms in the form of two boxes of Lindor. A special word has also been coined to describe this - its called 'lindorgasms'. How intelligent! But this is not just any Lindor, its the duty free one, the fresh variety that explodes in your mouth. I have done a lot of research in this area clearly.

Anyway I think that's enough of knowledge that has been imparted for one day. Stayed up to watch High School Musical 3. I actually know the lyrics of the songs. You can think I'm super lame but its my happy movie and if I was 16 I'd say Zac Efron was hot but unfortunately I'm 25.
Its very late now and my eyes need some dreaming. Off to the Hamptons (Gorai) for the weekend.

Have a good one.

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