Monday, May 3, 2010

End of an era?

Its been a while since my last blog. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing my followers but I've suddenly had a life. Haha. Its also the end of an era. I won't tell you why yet.

So not knowing what to write I'll just summarize what's been happening since my last blog.
  • I traveled far and wide to the lands of Gorai and Madh island both for birthday parties.
  • I started using a new toothpaste. Its Colgate for strong teeth. Can't stand it one bit. Want to murder it and replace it with Colgate total asap. My life doesn't feel right without it.
  • I've finally realized I really don't like Hrithik Roshan. All he has got going for him is the worm in his ass dance. Not going to impress me forever so have taken a decision to THROW HIM TO THE LIONS.
  • Realised that God didn't plant me on Earth to get married and have decided to put other things on the agenda like getting a fish pedicure.
  • I start my day everyday by reading the wikiquote on wikipedia. Dont know why exactly but I do. Very rarely they're nice. Generally they are so long and make no sense but I read them anyway.This is yesterdays - Before abstraction everything is one, but one like chaos; after abstraction everything is united again, but this union is a free binding of autonomous, self-determined beings. Out of a mob a society has developed, chaos has been transformed into a manifold world. ~ Novalis.   Whaaaat? If I could say something to Novalis, whoever he is (not even interested in wiki-ing him) in my bad hindi I'd say Tu mad hai kya??
  • Been reading Karan Johar's articles in Bombay Times every Thursday. He is turning into a boring aunty giving advice on life. Couldn't really care. He should stick to what he does best - Gossip.
  • Hating that its birthday month. Feels very stressful.Want everything to slow down but would still like it to fast forward to May 7 so I can watch Iron Man 2. Big fan. Secretly wish my name was as cool as Pepper Potts.
  • Finally watched Terms of Endearment this weekend and cried my eyes out. So, yes I have a heart. I also cry when dogs learn to swim. Still need to understand why.
  • Been listening to a new car cd with old songs on it. Thanks Ano. Only you could manage to make me a cd like this. My cd favourites are Etta James 'At Last' and 'The way you look Tonight' - the Michael Buble version (yes that's actually his surname). I secretly wished my future husband would have an awesome voice and sing that to me on our wedding day. And I'd sing a rap song so noone judges my bad singing voice or the fact that I always sing the wrong lyrics. I have actually sang 'I found America in you' for 'I've found a miracle in you'.
  • I have decided that my future husband will also be a good public speaker (like Shashi Tharoor atleast). This will probably never happen cause I'm guessing I'll most probably marry an Indian and I think Indians do not possess public speaking skills. But anyway if he does, then what a turn on.
This weekend was somewhat boring. Spent most of it at home. Tried convincing my friend Mallika to come pick me up and take me to Cheap Jack (a random store nearby) to buy a lot of crap and go eat icecream but that didn't work out.

Met a couple of friends last night and we talked about how we all totally loved the Crystal Maze and Mumzy and going 'Into the Crystal Dome' to catch coloured pieces of paper. How random. I think I'm going to youtube it today. I miss baldy O'Brien.

Still in search of the life plan. But starting to think I'm pretty capable. I could do anything I guess.
As a kid I was so over confident. I wanted to be a doctor or an artist and other regular stuff like that and then I also assisted Aku in so many of her little business ventures. Think I could add it to my work ex on my CV.
  • I was assisstant machi wali to her while she started pretending to sell fish in our living room.
  • I was her hairstyling assisstant / practising mannequin head till Aku cut my moms hair for real while she was sleeping and that ended that career option.
  • We owned a chaddi shop together where we sold paper cut out underwear at parties in our living room again. This time we set up a table and even priced them according to how great the filmstar in the underwear cutout was. Salman Khan - Rs. 5 , Madhuri Dixit Rs. 10
  • We even had our own bank.
  • Besides all this I'm sure I even could speak Gujrati. What more did I need in life?
Proof that I was a star.
I think 5 yr old Neha was ready to be the next Ambani. Too bad that I grew up and all those hopes and dreams just vanished.

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