Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All fished out

The summer heat is really getting to me. You sweat. A shower never seems good enough. You can't use all the nice lotions unless you're insane in the membrane. And to top it all your hair looks like crap every single day of summer. I'd like to believe that my 'au naturel' hairstyle on some days resembles Scarlett Johansson's from the Mango ads but I guess only I think that. I have tried to pass of my bad hair days as my 'out of bed' look but for that all I do is actually just get out of bed and look that way which is probably not what Scarlett does. I have a lot to learn.

Yesterday was fun. Mallika and I went swimming. All we did was floated and then we talked about life - something that never seems to get old. Mallika thought I resembled a turtle in the pool but after I got out and looked at myself in the mirror I looked a little more like badly done toast. I got a tan which was like an outline drawing on my body telling me where exactly I had worn my swimsuit and is now like a manual for me the next time I need to wear a swimsuit (which is tomorrow - Yay!) incase I ever forget how to wear one. We followed that with a steam and left the club looking like 2 freshly made pancakes. I don't know why I'm calling myself a pancake but can't think of a better comparison.

Now here's the awesomely cool part. Mallika and I then went for fish pedis. We got there super excited and once we sat down neither of us had the guts to go through with it. We went through a session of you-go-first-no-you-go-first-no-you for what seemed like the duration of 'Gone with the Wind'. It got so embarrassing and to make it even worse the lady there actually started dragging our feet into the tank. This is when we realized we are not made for Fear Factor.

So anyway I realized I can't chicken out and so we went ahead and said a little prayer and stuck our feet in a tank full of tiny toothless fish (brought from Turkey just for us). They felt like little bubbles around our feet. Like mini jacuzzis. We totally loved it and decided to make our 15 minute fish therapy into a 30 minute one. How brave were we?! We even made sure that none of the fish got lazy and were slaves to our soon to be beautiful feet.
This is when I thought now I'm ready for some scuba. The first steps have been taken and now I can deal with not getting freaked out by fish.
Lakshadweep is calling meeee. Been wanting to go back there since I was a kid. Hoping Aku will be excited about it too and join me though as a kid she had plans of going to the Himalayas and meeting Shiva (and maybe having a tea party). She also wanted gloves so she could break dance like MJ. Oh what an interesting life she did lead!

So anyway we got home and acted like we had just popped out of 'The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' and felt pretty awesome about our day. After this I killed an hour watching tv. Watched Gilmore Girls. I like Rory's new boyfriend. He's like a bad boy who has a perfectly charming smile that washes away his sins. Just like that. Don't know why girls always like whats so wrong. Was a nice episode but can't understand why everyone on that show talks so fast. I mean every single person on that show speaks super fast like they want to finish reading the script of 2 shows in one episode.

During the show I watched what I thought was a pretty hilarious Garnier ad. So a girl walks in and tells her sister, "Oh no! I've got a grey hair" (like a meteor has just hit planet Earth) and says "Rohan's going to dump me" which is when her sister comes to her rescue by handing her a box of Garnier Hair colour. The next day the girl prances in with her newly coloured hair and her sister asks her "So did Rohan call" and coloured hair girl says "Vijay, Kapil and Raj too". If only it were that easy to solve all of life's problems.

So basically if this is true Rohan's dumping me and Vijay, Kapil and Raj are not even going to bother asking me for my number after seeing my 4 strands of grey hair that I like to call character.

Or I'll meet a man who's not shallow. Hahahaha.

Anyway now I'm off to tune TV channels for the grandmother since she asked me to about a year ago.

Love the fishiness of yesterday. From swimming like one to having them swim around me to finally eating some at dinner. What a beautiful and complex life I do lead!

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