Sunday, June 13, 2010

To the M_ _ _ and back.

My life does seem pretty out of this world these days but did I go To the Moon and back? The answer is No. I'm not Neil Armstrong nor are my arms strong enough to catapult me into space.

My blog title was to be 'To the Mall and back' actually but then that makes me sound like such a boring girl so thought I'd spice it up with the blank spots left to keep you guessing.

I've practically been living in Lower Parel off late. Phoenix and Raghuvanshi mills have become my second home. I go there via Tulsi pipe road which has some pretty bad graffiti on it. Seriously. But just while taking the turn to go to Phoenix mills theres a drawing that shows a girl jumping into a bottle aptly titled BevD- what I'd like to call my alter ego usually seen on weekends.

Love the home stores at Raghuvanshi Mills. I love to decorate spaces. It just gives me so much happiness. I guess that's cause that's not my job and doesn't involve money. I have this plan of just moving into Good Earth someday with my bag and baggage. I'd obviously sleep for most of the day in the comfy white bed upstairs. Maybe go eat breakfast in their colourful plates, even use the toast holder, cause who doesn't love their toast standing perpendicular to the table in a fancy holder? I'd obviously eat the more important meals upstairs and by important I mean dessert. Their Baileys chocolate mousse cake makes you feel more loved than a man could ever make you feel. Oh such happy thoughts!

But, whats suddenly become a pretty exciting place to hang out at is Palladium at Phoenix Mills.
  • I usually make my first stop at Lush. So naturel et so expensif but so worth it. How did you like my fake French?
  • Right across from Lush is this new adventure store. Clearly I'm not a girl in search of any kind of adventure but have gone to this store many times. It has travel pillows, multipurpose plugs (for every country), bottles of everything from shampoo to vaseline meant for a mini-me sized person and even cool stuff like toothbrush covers (something I wish I had invented). But the weirdest thing I saw in this store was this 'device' called Go girl. Its something we girls can use so that we too can pee standing up. Woohoo! I have big issues with public toilets so this seemed awesome till I realised it costs Rs. 500 for one of these and you're expected to re-use it. Gross! There was no way I was putting that back in my bag so gave up on the idea of getting myself one. According to Aku it was pretty much what boys do with their penises. Hmm. Didn't sound all that brilliant after that.
  • Moving on... I'm totally in love with Landmark. I am definitely not big on the reading but wow! It's got books, magazines, dvds, music, art supplies, more books, video games, chocolates, and even more books. I went a little crazy in the Graphic design section. Picked up a couple of books, one of which didn't have all that much to do with design even. Its called Post Secret. When I'm bored I like to read other peoples dirty little secrets. That's why. I've thought of so many many. 
  • And right next to the Graphic Design section was a whole section on the Kama Sutra. Obviously there were tonnes of books by D-pak Ch-oh-pra. Yawn. Came home and told my mom all about it just for a reaction cause its fun to see her awkwardness while talking about sex. So while mom's around, Aku decided to discuss how the positions in the book seem impossible but then I said no Aku, its just the style of drawing where the anatomy is all messed up cause they look like they have puppet limbs but in reality its totally doable. 
          Book on Kamasutra - Rs. 2,150
          Look on my moms face - Priceless.
  • Zara opened this Thursday. Been there twice already. Waited in long queues outside the fitting room. It reminds me of the time when I was 12 and McDonalds opened in Bombay and I stood in a long queue with my family to get my first McChicken burger. Maybe not the same but anyway it's a pretty good store. Bought a bunch of stuff. I am loving it. Clothes maketh the Neha (very happy). Feel like going out everyday. (All girls think like this and I'm not the only lame one). So anyway it's worth a visit if you can handle being surrounded by so many women. After leaving I felt like I could write a book on my experience at Zara and call it Neha Kamath and the Chamber of estrogen. Definitely more drama than Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • This afternoon I was back at Phoenix mills watching SATC 2 with the girlies. Extremely over the top, horrible clothes, no story and too much info about Abu Dhabi. But, Mr. Big is a treat. The older man wisdom coupled with the smooth attitude wins.
  • Ended my weekend with a visit to the Deli. Third time this week. third hot chocolate, second wafer thin pizza (which is vegetarian but tastes like its got meat on it - Yum!). Did some celeb spotting too but gave them the 'I don't know who you are' look just for fun.

    All in all a great weekend. Time to watch Shutter island. Goodnight.


    anandradhakrishnan said...

    Very nice blog post. But it seems like you've gone to town on the food. Please keep a check on your diet Serena. Didn't realise how much knowledge Akshaya has.

    Neha said...

    Don't worry. I get my quota of exercise while walking around the mall, And Aku is all talk just like someone else we know.

    GIRIJA said...

    I luuurve the Deli too! I can't stop eating there! I'm gonna try that pizza the next time.

    Neha said...

    Spinach, mushroom and scamorza :)

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