Monday, July 4, 2011

Jelly Belly

How was your weekend?
Did you rush to one of those crazy July sales where you end up buying a lovely t-shirt and realise it has a hole in it when you get home?
Luckily that wasn't me.

My Sunday began as a lazy one but turned out to be pretty eventful.
I woke up and booked tickets on at 11am for a 12pm show of Delhi Belly.
I was lucky enough to get the last few tickets and managed to pack up my family in the car just in time and rushed for the movie.

Now, I had been told by my friend (of flowery clip gifting fame) not to sit in between my mother and grandmother while watching the movie like she had the previous day and warned me about facing some awkward moments.

I braced myself for 1 hour 45 minutes of awkwardness knowing that there wouldn't be an interval when I could stuff my face with popcorn which would hide my embarassed expressions since my face would be too busy looking circular.

So, I know I've been shuttling between playing food critic, film critic, celebrity critic and life advisor among many other unnecessary roles in my blog and I'm not sure if I ever get taken seriously with any of them but, who cares?

Here are my thoughts on Delhi Belly:

I won't get into the story like most film critics because I don't want to ruin it for you just the way noone did for me. So here's a little summary.
Acting : Good. Very natural. Loved all the characters. I even liked the girl (who played Maneka) who was the only actor I didn't recognise. And even though she reminded me a lot of this girl from school who I wasn't fond of but the boys were fond of (I'm sure you know what I mean), I still managed to like her.
Portrayal of 3 men living together: Couldn't be more real. Or more disgusting.
Story: Non-existent but still holds your attention.
Dialogues: Casually woven with 'bad words' but super hilarious.
Favourite dialogue: That's what you get when a donkey fucks a rickshaw. (Kunaal Roy Kapoor referring to the car gifted to Imran Khan by his daddy (father-in-law to be). 
Most relatable dialogue: Can you make the banana a little happier? By 7%? (Art director telling illustrator played by Vir Das how to make a small change which basically means make a whole new drawing and forget about your weekend).
Music: Very catchy. And with very honest lyrics.
How much did the seats rock with audience laughter?: More than a very turbulent flight.
And my grandmother's rating: 10/10

I loved the film. Absolutely loved it. It turned my sleepy Sunday morning into a super fun one. It felt as though the theatre had been filled with laughing gas.
The sex related scenes weren't too bad since I was prepared for the worst and my grandmother was too intoxicated with laughter and was just trying to breathe which left little scope for embarassing what-kind-of-movie-have-you-got-me-for stares.

I highly recommend watching Delhi Belly. I think I might just be watching it again very soon. 
The kind of music was just right for the film and was cleverly put into the movie as the background score.
Loved the completely pointless music video in the end.
Left the theatre in happy smiley mode.

And then it was time to go from Delhi Belly to Jelly Belly.

I had a super big lunch at Royal China - definitely more satisfying than Hakkasan + cheaper + you feel cool holding an Ipad menu for some reason.
Ate plenty of Chung fun and washed it down with a pot of green tea only to finish it off with a super creamy non-bitter Caramel custard.
What a day!

I got home to read Bossypants. I'm done with 50 pages already. Normally this is where I get bored and leave the book and wait for the movie (which is what happened with The Da Vinci Code, Eat Pray Love and many others). But, with this book I feel like I'm just getting started. I think I have a crush on Tina Fey. She's so weird and loveable. I prefer referring to her as lemon. And that's not just because I love referring to people who I love with fruit names. 

I read all about her weird childhood and the moment she realised she went from girl to woman (which in her case was some guy saying 'nice tits'). I was thinking about when I had my life changing moment. Couldn't think of one.

I hit page 50 and my eyelids collapsed like the shutters that go down on the few stores that are open on a Sunday afternoon. I felt drugged. The ajinomoto gave me some amazing sleep and then I woke up to watch the Wimbledon finals - Djoko (who ate some grass from the court when he won) vs. Nadal (who's famous for pulling his underwear out of his butt). Two little monkeys who I seem to love equally. Now I know what my mother feels when she says she loves both her daughters equally which I always thought was a lie.

So much love on this wonderful Sunday.
I'll leave you with a love song I heard yesterday which hasn't stopped playing in my head.
And I don't even want to press the stop button.

Shake that biscuit baby! Shake it for me.


New Age Yogi said...

Just saw it last night. Hilarious!

Neha Kamath said...

The Kamaths have plans of watching it again.

Venus said...

Oh my gosh I can;t imagine sitting next to Vahni and watching it or your grandma. I'd die of embarrassment......:)

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