Friday, July 22, 2011

Beer Belly

The Beer & Burger festival decorations at Woodside Inn.
Last weekend as you can see was a very eventful one for me.
Of all the things I did, here's one more from the list.
I went to Woodside Inn in Colaba for their Beer and Burger Festival.

It was my first time at Woodside Inn (which opened a couple of years ago) since I live aaaall the way on the other side of town.
Ok, so it isn't all that far. I have just been too lazy to drag myself there.
But, last Sunday I'm glad I did.

I really liked the place - the decor, the chilled out ambience and the walls covered with beer paraphernalia. My visual merchandiser friend Vahbiz Irani had decorated the place just for the festival. She had done some interesting things. As you enter you can see a big beer bottle made with hundreds of little burgers and when you go upstairs there's a big burger which is a collage of different colourful beer bottle caps. Interesting!

Beer & Burgers from around the world.
Now about the F&B:
We were 4 of us - all set to get ourselves some Beer & Burgers since that only seemed right.
Woodside Inn has created a special menu just for the festival.
So, you could choose a country and have the beer from that country and the burger that tasted like it was of the cuisine of that country.
My friends immediately knew what they wanted to have. One went with Japan, another went with Italy and the third went with Germany.
I didn't try any of their burgers. Just stole a lot of fries.

Mr. Italy did not get a beer and chose to accompany his burger with an entire bar of chocolate.
Miss Japan enjoyed her Asahi beer but complained that her burger was a little too Soya saucy.
Mr. Germany (of I love U2 fame) had a Schneider Weisse with his burger.

Mr. Germany really seemed to know his beers and recommended a fruity one for me.
He also gave me helpful tips like you always drink from light to dark. Yes, we are still talking about beer and not the time of day.

I finally decided which burger I wanted to have and was about to order it when I saw 2 delicious pizzas floating across the restaurant. I think they were on plates, in a tray, held by a man. But all I could see were floating pizzas.
So, I went ahead and got myself a grilled chicken and scamorza pizza and a nice dark Belgian Beer called Leffe which came in a manly wine glass. Unfortunately, only the burgers come with flags so I didn't get a Belgian flag.

Time flew by with good company, conversation, food and beer. And it was time for another one
My second beer was also a Leffe since as we learnt earlier you drink from light to dark.
Leffe being a dark beer cannot be followed with a light one.

So much knowledge on a rainy Sunday.

I loved it. I definitely gained a lot from this experience.
A lot of beer trivia from Mr. Germany.
A lot of belly from the beer.
And a lot of flags to keep at home in my pen stand.

The Beer & Burger festival is on at Woodside Inn from 15-31 July, 2011.
But, I'm sure they will serve Beer & Burgers even after the festival. They just might not be grouped country-wise.

I went a little overboard shooting the flags on my National Geographic World Map.

Photos taken by me on my phone camera.

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