Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pixel Ate It

I love finding interesting art while surfing the web.
Here's my latest obsession.

It's pixel art.
by Victor van Gaasbeek.
Where did the picture go?

The Pixel Ate It.

Get it?

vis piccsy
It's simplified paintings, drawings or photographs - a new way of looking at things.
And I love it.
I love the square shape. It's so perfect in every way.
It also reminds me of Tetris and Lego. Who doesn't love tetris and Lego?

modern day Mona Lisa.
I want to create an artwork like this for myself. Just for fun.
Maybe something familiar like the Mona Lisa in simple pixel squares. Any ideas?

I'm hoping to make something like this:

A pixelated version of Johannes Vermeer's The Girl with a Pearl Earring on ixxi
I've been thinking about it for a couple of days but can't figure out what to make yet.
Maybe the next time I think I'm getting glasses cause my vision seems blurry, instead of forcing my mother to make me some Gajar ka halwa (my bad vision cure since raw carrot is a little hard to eat), I hope I can finally find the pixels.

Till then, here's a pixelated version of one of my favourite paintings - Van Gogh's Starry Night.
by me.
With some help from Photoshop.

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