Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank God its Sunday

Hello again. I didn't write last night. Was sort of weird not to. Why did I not blog? Not cause I was partying saturday night but maybe cause I grew from a girl into a lazy. Anyway sat making a birthday card for Aku to put on her cake. Got overexcited and made two. One regular and one theme based. Don't ask. I get very overexcited about birthdays even when they're not mine.

Sprung out of bed at 6.30am today for tennis. Yes on a sunday morning. This miracle doesn't happen on any other day of the week. On weekdays getting out of bed is like driving at 20 km in 3rd gear for my body. That's the best way to describe it. But Sunday is something else. Wore my special tennis clothes, cap et al. Have been wearing the same keds for the past 8 yrs. Makes my mom so mad. But they're so good. Feel like each of my feet is being hugged by a teddy bear. Anyway I had a couple of Serena moments and ended it with a good breakfast- cheesetoast and mango milkshake at Leopold. Missed u chotu. Came home and crashed for about 3 hours. Felt like I had been drugged. Was the perfect Sunday sleep.

Summer has gotten unbearable already. Forget frying an egg on the road, I think we can bake a whole lasagna. 30 mins at 300 degrees. Feel like roaming around in a swimsuit all day. My little nieces and nephew actually did that yesterday. Would be a bit bizarre if I did the same thing. Really wish I could. Except that I look like a cross between a zebra and a human. Maybe its a punishment for not moisturising.

Try it.
According to me no Indian girl can ever have the perfect swimsuit body. Its a curse. Thinking of trying out this eating for your Blood type thing hoping to break the curse. I, being Blood type O am the original Blood type, that of the predator. Till this point I felt all great and powerful. Like a lioness ruling a jungle. Its frightening how it described me to the t. I am focused and very detail oriented and have a very bad temper. How true. I have my psycho moments pretty often. Then it said that we're primarily meat eaters and shouldn't have dairy, pasta, ketchup, flour, mayo, all the tasty fruit juices, all the dryfruits that are edible after which I realised all I'd be having is water. So I think I might just not try it out after all.

I have also quit yoga since a month. Surprise surpise! Haha. As I said before I'm too much of a lazy to wake up at 7. I need my beauty sleep. Here's some random good news. I finally conquered my fear of swallowing capsules last week so I'm sort of going through the "I can do anything" phase. Probably a good time to finally properly learn cycling. Don't think anyones letting me get the training wheels unfortunately.

Anyway now its dinner time. But dying to eat bread-butter-tea. What a deadly combo. Its my happy food.

I think I'll leave the rest of my thoughts for tomorrows blog or this might accidently turn into a book. Maybe Shobha De and Penguin would be interested. Haha.

Bonne nuit.

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