Friday, April 16, 2010

And the City

This is my third post. Third consecutive day. I'm beginning to feel like Carrie (of SATC), thinking aloud but still in my head, sitting at my computer everyday trying to be as honest as possible, having dinners/ you're so much better off without him sessions with my 3 galpals (don't kill me for calling you that), enjoying a cosmo every now and then. Except that my Manolos are regular Indian shoes, my Mr. Big and Aiden phases both seem to be over which is pretty clear in my incomplete blog post title and I haven't found my tutu yet.

So what did I do today?
After work I made it to the art shop. Picked up some papers and pens. Didn't get myself to start drawing yet. Instead bought my sister Aku a birthday present. Aaah! the relief. I feel like its my duty to be like a birthday Santa Claus.

After that we went to an Interiors exhibition. Don't really know why. Just saw an ad in the paper and forced Aku to come along. Was pretty crappy. Left with a baking tray for muffins. Very random since
1. we were at an Interior Design exhibition when I'm a graphic designer and Aku's a banker and don't really have any place to decorate in particular.
2. I bought a baking tray when I don't even cook.
3. Spent Rs. 90 (entry + parking) just to go to a random exhibition and leave with a baking tray.

So now that I've got the tray I'm going to use it for whenever I make chocolate souffle again. Varun you are inspiring when you're not a bum. Haha. I am posting a picture of your masterpiece. Hoping that my new buy will help balance the oranges while in the oven.

Been figuring out blog related stuff today. Managed to change the entire blogger template. Pat pat! That's me patting myself on the back incase you were wondering. So pretty tired now so will crash. I could tell you how I did it and how I changed the html stuff and added the xml and sound fancy but maybe tomorrow. Haha

What a random day! But I love my city.

Still treading the path of self discovery. Hoping to get some answers in my dreams.

Adios Amigo.

ps: I'm secretly a Charlotte.


Varun said...

the baby steps towards becoming the best chef on this planet have been taken...very nice....

souffle tasted good but its not a materpiece ya it all wobbly and not risen as much as i woulda liked but yes lets call it the masterpiece :-)...if ure not following ure blood tpye diet then u can try the pistachio ice cream today

this template is much cooler for sure, now maybe you can do my website :P

Neha said...

Blood type eating is not my cuppa tea cause if I followed it all I'd be having would be a cuppa tea.

And I was always doing your website. Loser.

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