Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Türkiye - Truly Eurasia!

Photo by me.
Turkey. Or as my grandmom called it through our trip - Turkistan!

The most beautiful place. 
The most beautiful people. 
And September was the perfect time to travel.

When the Kamath's go on holiday, we take sightseeing quite seriously, thanks to me. At the same time we also taking unwinding and eating good food just as seriously.

Holidays are required to maintain one's sanity. Whether it's for a month or even just a weekend, we need that instant pick-me-up from time to time.

Before I left for the holiday, I read an article about Nina Garcia, the Fashion Director of Elle Magazine. She says 'Knee or thigh-high boots are a good option. Putting on fierce boots is an instant pick-me-up.'
Well, I think while thigh-high boots may be a sort of instant pick-me-up, they also in a way say pick-me-up in a Pretty Woman sort of way.

My predilection for travel made me choose Turkey over boots and I think I made the right decision. Sorry Nina.

I am so in love with Turkey that I am dedicating all of this month's blogposts to it. 
I kept a little notebook and documented all the little amusing happenings of the trip in it just like I did when I was in Italy. Just how Harry Potter required 7 books to tell his story, I will tell mine by spreading it out over a few posts.

Why I fell in love with Türkiye
  • Everything is as sweet as a Turkish delight.
  • They have an abundance of hazelnuts.
  • I used the word Atatürk in conversation on a daily basis. Such a fun name.
  • They have history, culture, beautiful cities, lovely people and kind animals.
  • I could drink Apple Tea all day.
  • The Euphrates and Tigris run through the country. I always found those to be awesome river names.
  • Turkish wine & Turkish white cheese.
  • The neverending meals. 
  • They have the most brilliant vanilla ice-cream made out of goat's milk.
  • Dining alfresco in perfect weather.
  • I could rendezvous in 2 continents on the same day.
  • People on the streets play Tavla (Turkish name for backgammon).
  • I was hit on every 3 mintues and felt like a celebrity on holiday. A good mix of awesome and creepy.
  • I got to wear my holiday bum-shorts and felt fantabulous.
  • My hair looked blowdried every day that I was there (which made me pose for many pictures cause I don't know when my hair could possibly look that nice again naturally.)
  • And finally cause Turkish people are always ready to give you a bath.

The bordering countries seem a little scary but then again so are ours.
On the first day of my trip, I knew this was one place I had to go back to someday.
I had an epiphany. This was the place for me.
With regular Hamams and trips to the Dead Sea for mud pack shopping, I won't have to spend all of my life savings for a tiny jar of Creme de la Mer.

So I'm sorted.

More on Turkistan tomorrow. 

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