Tuesday, September 27, 2011


On holiday I am a moment-capturing maniac.
I enjoy taking photos of just about anything.
Here are some random photos from my travels around Israel.

Is it a flower? Or food? It's Chili pots.

When stores expand in Tel Aviv, they don't start chains. They just spill onto the street.

Tents on the street in Tel Aviv - an innovative way to bring down rent.
(Something we couldn't dream of doing in Bombay).

Advertising/ a joke/ Tel Aviv's version of on Ben Yehuda street.

The award for the cutest little kitten and puppy in Israel goes to:

A painted building wall giving the illusion of people in windows in Jerusalem.

Body Shop's evil twin in Israel. Also called Body Shop.

Tel Aviv - so inviting.

And people don't believe in brands.

Something that looked like french fries growing on Bat Yam beach.

Kwality Wall's ice-cream in Jerusalem. Felt good to see a familiar logo after seeing too much Hebrew.

And then I saw the Himalaya store in Tel Aviv and felt so at home.

And found an Indian flag.

A penguin outside a restaurant in Nahariya. I couldn't understand why.

A shop selling curios?

An Army advert at the train station. How cute is he?

You don't mess with the Zohan.

The luck that carried me through my trip.

Except while playing pool.

And then I came home after being hypnotised at the airport by a man who juggled for an hour.

Back to Bombay. Back to Reality.

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